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It's all done by the Lutinoids:

Dominique Becker and Fabrice Kircher, who says his credentials for his proving of the following theory is that he is a therapeutist titular of a Certificate in Naturopathy and a Certificate in Phyto-aromatherapy, have written that UFOs are caused by lutinoids.

They write that a full development of that theory would require more than 500 pages and thus they summarize it. first, 80% of mankind is attacked by parasites.

These parasites, they say, cause spasmophilia, dermatosis such as psoriasis, obsessional-compulsives disorders, but also infectious diseases, the allergies and even pain in the tooth.

They say that after years of study, they demonstrated that the parasite is a living organism, previously unknown of parasitic type, acting at the molecular or submolecular level, very resistant and with an instinct of survival developed to the extreme.

It is similar to prions and can also induce toxoplasmosis, or an infectious mononucleosis in association with the Epstein-Barr virus. Their studies, they said, indicated that it is an anaerobic methanogen bacteria, which they called "lutinoids."

They note that no theory has been able to explain all UFO sighting reports and all paranormal phenomena yet. But theirs, the say, does explain all UFO sighting reports, all paranormal phenomena and more:

Lutinoids are the cause. Lutinoids parasite people's brain and cause them to hallucinate and see stuff like ET's, UFO's, the Blessed Virgin and the likes.

Sometimes, lutinoids cure people's disease, this explains why there are UFO witnesses that got cured from disease after a UFO encounter.

In a chapter headlined:


They say:

"We are, to some extent, in the situation of the astronomer who calculates the orbit of an invisible planet using mathematics, for there is no experimental proof of laboratory results etc, science not having at the present time the adequate means of detection."

They say that esoterists, in the past, have noted that the pineal gland was more developed in the past than it is today, another evidence that lutinoids slowly colonize human brains.

They go on like this; which you can read in their book:

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