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Project Sepro

An "anonymous" guy who claims to be an agent of US secret service tells on the Internet that a human space travel mission visited planet Serpo.

Regularly, more or less gifted and facetious prankster bring forth extraordinary revelations in connection with UFOs and aliens. The plot is not unusual: a website appears, in which the author claims to have received extraordinary revelations from "well informed" sources, of course perfectly anonymous and unverifiable.

The continuation is that experienced ufologists do not fall for such twaddle. They are not gullible. But inexperienced ordinary readers, eager to believe all and anything for no reason give much echo to this sort of pranks.

The joke, at the end 2005, is such a new revelations website, "project Serpo", at

Inevitably, amateurs started discussions, with the premise "what if it were true", soon followed by "it is convincing" and "there is no contradiction in the story."

Actually, it is not convincing at all, it is only poor science-fiction, and contradictions and clues of invention abound. Here for "project Serpo":

ANONYMOUS: "If one reads the "Yellow Book" [the true and correct history of Mankind as relayed by the ETEs] and reads between the lines, one would come away with the thought and clear impression that the Ebens had something to do with Jesus Christ or, possibly, Jesus was one of them."

This so-called "Yellow Book" is an old conspirationist nonsensical book. In pseudo-occult manner, it cumulates all and anything, from "Nazi flying saucers" to the "illuminati" to the the "underground kingdoms of Shamballah." A huge pile of garbage collected without rhyme nor reason and proclaimed factual. That the mysterious "Anonymous" Intelligence guy who "informs" on Serpo project refers to such crap already tells a lot.

"Project Serpo" is the story that 12 American soldiers were invited by the "Ebens", a race of aliens, to come to visit their planet, called Serpo. The anonymous source tells:

ANONYMOUS: "Ebens were vulnerable to extreme cold. In case the Eben's turned hostile, the liquid nitrogen could be used to neutralize Ebens during an escape attempt. The Team Members were instructed to spray the substance directly into the face of an Eben. Ebe #1 was found to be vulnerable to this."

No kidding: if these Ebens appear hostile, the astronauts will neutralize them by sending liquid nitrogen in their faces, because they are vulnerable to the extreme cold. Let's go on:

ANONYMOUS: "As with weapons, each Team Member had a handgun and rifle."

So it is necessary to freeze the Ebens by using liquid nitrogen, but of course, each one takes along a rifle and a revolver moreover.

At one time the "source" must have realized the glitch, therefore, further, he awkwardly tries to fix it:

"Regarding the weapons: There was a lengthy discussion about weapons. At the end, the Ebens didn't really care. So our Team Members decided to take some just in case. Not for a fight, God knows, as our Team was vastly outnumbered, but for the safety aspects of it."

Therefore, their ordinary weapons are of no use, because there are too many Ebens to consider a battle. But to sprinkle them of liquid nitrogen is okay.

ANONYMOUS: "This water was the freshest, containing only the unknown chemicals. It tasted good and the Ebens drank and used it. Our team still boiled it because during culture tests, unknown types of bacteria were detected."

No joke: they drink water from a natural well, which contains "only unknown chemicals", but of course they make it boil because of possible germs. Would astronauts drink water of a pond on another planet without knowing exactly which "chemicals" it contains?

The human astronauts learned how to control captured Eben spaceship. Piloting was easy, says "anonymous."

ANONYMOUS: "There were four pilots on the team. These four spent many weeks at the Nevada complex learning to fly the recovered Eben alien craft. It wasn't hard to fly, once one could understand the operation of the controls. I'm sure many of the UFO sightings back in 1964/'65 around the West could be attributed to these test flights by our Team Members."

Sure enough: the UFOs seen on the West coast in the USA in 1964-65 were our pilots who tested Eben spaceship. Again pilots who fly hot test craft outside test ranges, in civilian airspace, of course. Very secret flights weren't they?

ANONYMOUS: "However, we had a major problem. Trying to coordinate a date, time and location for an Eben landing on Earth. Even though we could basically understand some Eben and the Ebens could understand some English, we could not understand their time and date system and they could not understand ours. We sent them our Earth's rotation schedule, revolution, date system, etc. For some reason, the Eben's never understood this."

Ebens are not able to understand how we measure time. The days being rotations of the Earth etc, they can't understand that. They have another system, and we humans understood nothing of theirs. Impossible to schedule the date and the time of the next Eben landing. Any yet:

"The Ebens sent back a message indicating they would return to Earth on a particular number date and location that we chose. The date was April 24, 1964 and the location was in the southern sector of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico."

You do not dream: they do not understand anything on our dates, but they send a message to tall the date of their arrival.

And when do they arrive? April 24, 1964. Doesn't that ring a bell to you? It does to me!

ANONYMOUS: "Each Team Member had to endure extreme psychological and physical training. In one training test, each Team Member was locked inside a 5' x 7' box buried seven feet underground for five days, with just food and water, no contact with anyone else and in total darkness."

For training, the astronauts are buried during 5 days in a box under 7 feet of ground. Apparently, isolation boxes do not exist, you need holes in the ground instead.

Here, the "hoaxer", not very smart, makes a beautiful formulation glitch, with Serpo being both a planet and a star in the same sentence:

"...– in the case of Planet Serpo – one had to vary the exact gravitational pull placed on Serpo by the two suns. Serpo did not have large planets, like Jupiter ..."

ANONYMOUS: "... Regarding the Web site. I know we have some hurdles to overcome. Maybe that would/wouldn't be a good first step. But we have several different options. If Plan A doesn't work, maybe Plan B might. We have discussed everything from an international press conference to a National Press Club news conference. ..."

After having provided pages of top secret blah blah, he says that he must ask for the authorization to speak to his colleagues. Then, after his pages are on a website, he thinks that he could create a site web himself. And this guy claims that him and his colleagues thought over very carefully how to disseminate their information!

A "killer": a conference at the National Press Club. This betrays the amateur hoaxer. This guy followed the UFO conference by the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club. That's where the inspiration and the motivation come from.

ANONYMOUS: "One of the principal home-based scientists (astronomer) contracted to assist us was Dr. Carl Edward Sagan. Initially, he was the biggest skeptic of the group. But as information was slowly analyzed, Dr. Sagan came back to the middle."

Carl Sagan had become skeptic in connection with the UFOS, as everyone can check. The "hoaxer" thus presents Sagan as skeptic on this Serpo business but changing his mind "while information was slowly analyzed". Ridiculous scenario. When you have aliens at your side, you do not need "slow analyses" to convince the "more skeptical of the group".

The final touch; at last something quantitative:

A first one: "Anonymous" indicates that 12 military were selected, including 2 women, and went on planet Serpo. He indicates that 8 of them returned, while 2 died, and 4 chose to remain on Serpo. However, 8+2+4 is 14 not 12! The commentator claims that was a typing error...

ANONYMOUS: "The Ebens did weigh the equipment taken by our team. The weight limit was 4.5 tons or 9,000 lbs. As for food, the team took C-Rations, military style. They carefully planned for 10 years."

C rations, that is a box a day for each person. Weight of a box: 7 pounds, i.e. a little more than 3 kg. They are 12, therefore 36 kilos per day. Per annum, 13 tons.

For ten years 130 tons.

That's it!

It does need a very gullible mind to fall for this story, a quite amateurish hoax.

Written December 8, 2005 (published May 3, 2006).

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