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"Eric Julien":

His alien friends and a crop circle inform him that an earth-wide disaster is to occur May 25, 2006.

A few years ago, a chap who made himself known under the name of Eric Julien - but it is not even his real name - circulated a text that he self-qualified as "The most important scientific discovery of all times", no less.

The text was, in my opinion, a painful and patchworked variation around the idea that time supposedly has "three dimensions". There was a number of silly things, diversions, but also unquestionably a good part of almost serious appearance, though highly speculative.

That explained very simply: ufologists saw that "Eric Julien" had simply diverted some papers by Russian physicists who approached in an hypothetical and speculative manner certain ideas in connection with the physical nature of time, and Eric Julien tried to convince the world that he held all that from his own genius with some assistance of his alleged extraterrestrial contacts.

It's been several decades that people serve gobbledygook relating to special confidences received from their alleged extraterrestrial friends, and that, obviously, largely contributes to all the scoffing of certain people on the UFO topic. It won't change any soon, obviously.

One then learned via an article from the journalist Marie-Thérèse de Brosses some from the comedy-worthy tribulations of Eric Julien, and one could read his meaningless protests, when he answered that his "numerous readers" had shared with him "their indignation" or told him to be "nauseated by the behavior" of his "accusers" concerning the "massacre to which the latter resorted" in these "attacks", "accusatory logorrhea by Marie-Thérèse de Brosses" and the so-called journalistic "imposture by "the diva" of French ufology." And it explains that this answer of him is given with "the viewpoint of the impartial investigator", i.e. himself. Come on!

Then, Eric Julien joined a group of "exopolitics" which is in fact a disputable effort of an American, Michael Salla, resident in Hawaii, to reveal "the truth."

In few words: Michal Salla argues that people who had official functions saw or read or learned that aliens visit us - which does not shock me - or have read or heard or seen that "the government", i.e. the American government, knows very well of alien visits - that, I am not sure at all but it would hardly shock me either. Salla intends to bring together these whistleblowers around him and put some "pressure" so that the "gub'nment" tells "the Truth to the People".

Of course, like any other ufologist, I am not satisfied in just believing things, and when Dr. Michael Salla tells something, I choose not to believe and try to check by myself what that can be worth in it.

But is so happens that Michael Salla has a very curious approach of the matter.

When ufologists of open mind, that are no more gullible than I, pointed out to him that this or that "whistleblower" of Salla was known to have claimed titles that he never had, Salla exposed his logic: if somebody claims to have had a certain high profile which enabled him to obtain secret information on aliens or some extraterrestrial activity, and if background checking proves that he lied about that, it does not matter. On the contrary, it is normal, since the government intrigues to destroy the credibility of these people, for example by making their diplomas disappear, which explains why these people claim to have certain diplomas while ufologists who checked found out they didn't.

In other words, whistleblowers should be believed no matter what they tell. If they "seem" to lie, it is the "government's" fault, he says.

Obviously, this logic did not convince many, and the ufologists who had confronted him on this point, even those who do think that the American government actually hides something in connection with the UFOS, classified Dr. Michael Salla in the place that it deserves: another fellow deprived of rigor, which at best is mistaking himself and at worst case wants to mislead people.

It was thus not a big surprise to me to discover that Eric Julien had joined the group of Michel Salla's "whistleblowers". Having shown his unwillingness to exert the least critical approach, Salla introduced Eric Julien as his good friend, a credible man, a scientific mind, possibly in contact with the aliens etc.

As that had been the case with the witnesses introduced by Stephen Greer's "Disclosure Project", we find ourselves now with a very pompous "Exopolitical Intitute" lecturing and conferencing with a variety of people (or not such a variety under other aspects), like a former Canadian minister and a Eric Julien, who put out their truth on the aliens. You would think that the few who joined this initiative in all sincerity could become disappointed and the "truth", if they own it, will appear of the same tainted color as the eccentric inventions of the other participants. It was always was like that and there is no reason for things to change.

Now, in April 2006, the latest exploit of "Eric Julien" is to announce that his alien contacts and his "study" of "crop circles" show that a comet will devastate the Earth.

Eric Julien took advantage of an anonymous insult email against a French ufologist sent to all kinds of people - either experienced ufologists or UFO buffs who haunt the Internet forums of the gullible - to save a large electronic mailing list and to thus sent his newest thesis as an electronic document, using Michael Salla's "Exopolitics Institute" logo, at the very moment when Michael Salla, as credulous as one may judge him to be, is in great doubts about Eric Julien and realizes, too late, that the claims of the latter would perhaps hardly contribute to the success of the "Exopolitics Institute". In fact, Salla has now just in writing and publicly distanced himself from the new Eric Julien thesis, albeit reiterating that the man is a friend and a sincere one.

So I too received the new text by Julien, with friendly greetings I do not care much for.

I nevertheless wanted to tell a little on the story, for a first reason: you must know that ufologists do not believe this kind of yada yada. I see that ufologists are simply saddened that the nonsense continues. I see that they are saddened of that such nonsense gives a hateful picture of ufology, an easy argument to people who call themselves "skeptics" (as if those who do not agree with them were deprived of this quality) to make fun of a thesis that has nothing ridiculous per se, that certain UFO sighting reports explain better as extraterrestrial visits than anything else. The majority of the ufologists who think so, like myself, know very well that others without the least scruple will have us "forced into" the nonsense of all the Eric Juliens past present and future.

The second thing, is that "Eric Julien ", in his text, makes a prediction.

He claims that on May 25, 2006, there will be:

"... perhaps a disaster of planetary scale beginning in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. On this assumption, a series of large waves, including a mega tsunami of almost two hundred meters in height, will be born from a succession of underwater eruptions. These giant waves, decreasing with the distance, will touch the majority of the Atlantic coasts, more particularly, the most exposed between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. The victims of May 25, 2006 will be tens of millions. The stripped survivors will be more numerous still. The economic losses will be major, well beyond the scales of destruction hitherto experienced by our civilization. North America as Europe will not be saved, but in less dramatic proportions. By extension, other remote countries will be also touched."

You certainly noticed the "perhaps" and the "assumptions". That is of course very convenient: On May 25, 2006, when, as it may happen, no "planetary disaster" kills any "millions people", Eric Julien can come to explain us that "it was only an assumption". Or would it be that the aliens did nice and saved us on intercession by Eric Julien? Nope!

"That will enormously depend on you, of the actions which you will urge into to convince them!"

Because, of course, they are the "bad aliens" that want to destroy us with a piece of comet, and that will happen "except if, of course, the leaders back down". Why? Because the "leaders" are friends with the "bad aliens". And it is up to "us" to save planet, by writing to Mr. Bush that is not nice to collaborate with the "bad" aliens. (The "nice" aliens are the blue-skinned ones, according to the information by Eric Julien).

"The comet fragment, probably still invisible to our measuring instruments, would then be destroyed by the extraterrestrial that protect its trajectory, as that has already occurred in the past."

But how does he know that the disaster will "perhaps" occur? Well, Eric Julien has visions:

"It is the vision that I had approximately three years ago. It took shape on April 7, 2006, at approximately 10:00 p.m. whereas I meditated on the shores of the Pacific with two other people. I received information supplementing this vision: MAY 25 2006!


"... I received on April 7, 2006 telepathic information on behalf of extraterrestrial friends..."

Of course, one does hardly need channeling powers to know that the Schwassmann-Wachmann comet will pass "close" the Earth; astronomers know it and say it, and Eric Julien knows that they know and says it too. If astronomers know it, besides, it is not by "visions".

What is interesting with pranksters, is that they are readable like an open book is - to those who know how to read. Here a "reading" tip I want to share:

When somebody makes up a story, or lies, he really knows that there is the risk not to be believed. Then, to compensate, he goes into an accumulation. He automatically and unconsciously thinks that only one "cause" for what he tells is not enough. He thus quite naturally starts to provide multiple "causes", thinking that the more "causes" there are, the more believable the tale becomes.

You know that yourself, because you too do that, instinctively. If you took a bit too much time in the morning instead of going to work on schedule, what is it you say?

"The alarm clock did not function AND ALSO, there was a problem with the car, MOREOVER, there was a traffic jam on the road." Etc.

Eric Julien naturally makes this error too: "I had a vision", he says.

But the "vision" is not enough. Thus he has "discovered then" that the planetary disaster he want us to believe in is on record in a crop circle:

"Imagine a crop circle showing the solar system, LESS the EARTH which does not appear on its orbit, a few weeks after this fragmentation. Imagine that this crop circle shows the position of the planets at the date of May 14, 2006, date of the closest approach of the comet, with the planet Mars slightly late in order to show that the correct date is after May 14 contrary to expectations."

As many people are "sure" that crop circles are made by aliens (there is nothing which seriously demonstrates that to my knowledge and much that demonstrates that they are merely achievements of land-artists, but Eric Julien tells us that "the scientific experts" proved that certain circles which are not pranks are made by aliens, because there are "microwave radiations" and "balls of light" and "dead insects" etc.), Eric Julien has his "two excuses." He has a "vision" and moreover there are crop circles indicating the disaster to come.

That crop circle, of 1995 if I understood correctly, thus there thus eleven years old, shows some sort of diagrammatic solar system. There are planetary orbits, with circles materializing planets, but the orbit for the Earth does not have Earth on another crop circle. Eric Julien explains that if we do not manage to convince the aliens to spare us, the Earth will be later on be completely destroyed, for sure!

Let's see this message in the crop:

See the captions in black and mine in red. Great news, academic astronomy is revolutionized:

But it is still not enough. A vision, crop circles, that's not enough. Eric Julien thus adds that on September 6 2003, the comet and the planets are - according to some NASA diagram - exactly in the position shown on the crop circle of 1995. Actually, it is not true: the so-called comet of the crop circle is right beside Venus while in the diagram that Eric Julien sought at a NASA website, it is between Venus and the Earth. Well, forget that. On September 6, 2003, Eric Julien claims, there was a "worldwide alien referendum", asking "Do you want us [aliens] to be seen??" Serious as a Pope, Eric Julien ensures us that this referendum had a worldwide success in more than fifteen languages and more than one hundred countries.

September 6, 2003... The same day... What a coincidence! Isn't that proof!

And Eric Julien ensures us that "hundreds of thousands of people have answered". What a tremendous success! How did they answer? But of course, Julien tells that. They answered...

" ... in the silence of their inner souls."

Isn't it fortunate that Eric Julien informs us on these hundreds of thousands silent answers in people's "inner souls"?

In fact, this "planetary referendum" was nothing more than one of the attempts of Eric Julien himself to draw attention to him, a fact he takes care not to mention anywhere, probably hoping that gullible readers would buy that there was really a concidence of date with an alien-launched planetary referendum!


And check on the public website

WHOIS information for


Domain Name..........
 Creation Date........ 2006-01-30
 Registration Date.... 2006-01-30
 Expiry Date.......... 2007-01-30
 Organisation Name.... Eric Julien
 Organisation Address. PO box 399
 Organisation Address. 
 Organisation Address. kealakekua
 Organisation Address. 96750
 Organisation Address. HI
 Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... Eric Julien
 Admin Address........ PO box 399
 Admin Address........ 
 Admin Address........ kealakekua
 Admin Address........ 96750
 Admin Address........ HI [Hawai]
 Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
 Admin Email..........
 Admin Phone.......... +1.8083232460
 Admin Fax............ 

Translations in fifteen languages? Not the work of aliens nor of Eric Julien, it was actually done by tens of "New Age" groups and Internet chatboards avid for fantasies, as Julien asked them to!

It is also the subtitle of his book "Enfants des étoiles: Désirez-vous nous voir apparaître?" ("Star children: do you wish that we show ourselves?")


What does Eric Julien want?

He tells:

"The heavy responsibility for this possible event falls on each of everyone!"

... in bold characters with exclamation point. Oh really? I am responsible for a future planetary disaster?

He writes that we must all take our responsibilities. Ha! I'll go dig an anti-cometary shelter in my garden right now!

Who are the culprits? Apart from the "tentacular military-industrial international complex", "this apparently faceless monster" that covers up the truth on UFOs, the culprit are "clearly" some "malevolent aliens", who influence "from the inside" that military-industrial international complex for "total domination on humanity after having partially destroyed it", and who caused the "mysterious fragmentation of the 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann comet." In what the fragmentation would be mysterious is obviously left to our imagination.

What Eric Julien really wants, in my humble opinion, it is that you buy his books, such as for example "La Science des Extraterrestres", that he presents so:

The Theory Of Absolute Relativity [sic!!!] solves not only the whole of the UFO and paranormal phenomena, such as the formation of the crop circles referred to above, but also the great scientific enigmas - macroscopic or microscopic."


PS: a colleague ufologist pointed out that he thought he understood that according to Julien the ET's told him that their brilliant idea to throw a piece of comet in the Atlantic ocean was "to punish us" against the projects of nuclear war. It is understood that these are the rumors about Bush wanting to bomb Iran. "But then", asks my colleague, "isn't that "malevolent", or did I miss an episode? Could you decode us the meanders of his "thought"?"

I answered: "I cannot compute more sense here than you because there isn't much sense. There is indeed, as you point out, a misconception in his "plot", and misconceptions are the rule when people make up stories: at one time the "bad" aliens threaten us to throw bits of comet at us and the "nice" aliens inform us of their evil plan, at another time people are supposed to beg the "nice" aliens to spare us, as they are supposedly planning to scare George Bush and his "bad" aliens friends by throwing bits of comets at us.

PPS: My article above was written and published on April 27, 2006. Of course, the disaster prophesized by Eric Julien did not occur. And it appeared that the "alien message crop circle" that he "decoded" was actually made a movie...

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