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The Belgium flap:

Some of the sightings:

For the timespan 1989 - 1993, about a thousand sightings were reported over Belgium, and at least 500 resulted in an investigation report.

Click! The sightings in the Eupen area on November 29, 1989.
Click! December 1, 1989, edge of Eupen in the evening.
Click! The December 11, 1989, sightings.
Click! December 12, 1989, Jupille-sur-Meuse.
Click! December 12, 1989, Natoye.
Click! March 30 to 31, 1990, "The Night of the F-16's".
Click! January 21, 1991, about 07:50 p.m. between Hoeilaart and Overijse.
Click! May 17, 1991, in Braine l'Alleud.
Click! Sightings in 1991.
Click! The evening of July 26, 1992.
Click! October 25, 1993, evening, in the center of the Hainaut.
Click! Sighting in January 1993.

Official reports:

Click! Summary Report on Observations of 30-31 March 1990.
Click! Full Report on Observations 30-31 March 1990.
Click! Radio communication transcript between pilot and controller, March 30-31 90, data.

The Press:

Click! Paris Match, English translated.
Click! Le Provençal, December 7, 1989.
Click! Le Figaro magazine, April 13, 1991.
Click! Sunday Express, September 17, 1995.

Studies, articles:

Click! Breaking down the wall of silence, by A. Huneeus, 1991.
Click! Beyond the Belgian flap: UFOs and Europolitics, FATE Magazine, by A. Huneeus, August 1993.
Click! Postface to the SOBEPS report, by general De Brouwer.
Click! Ufology versus scientific analysis, by Christian Nault.


Click! Plans and sketches by witnesses.
Click! Echoes of UFO on the pursuing F16 fighters radars.
Click! Videos are available too.

[STREAM]Colonel De Brouwer interviewed, declaring Belgium's UFOs are not US experimental crafts but probably extra-terrestrial crafts.

Stories and opinions:

Click! "Everybody knows, it was the LoFlyte..." Really?
Click! "I know people who saw these triangle from quite close..."
Click! "I do not remember the Belgian flap very well..."
Click! Transparency or silliness?
Click! A UFO picture.
Click! Same craft seen in Verviers 2 years before.
Click! MoD stupidities.
Click! Triangle in Braine-le-Comte on November 1, 1989.
Click! I remember a craft.

The Belgium flap:

The interest:

Among some of the better documented and investigable cases that have occurred in the last decade is the rash of UFO sightings which took place over Belgium. Some very poignant factors make this case history extremely rare, with regards to how these cases usually run.

Foremost of these determinants is the highly uncommon action of the Belgian government and Air Force, in being very open with their own verifications of the sightings with the public at large. This is the first time that such a sharing of apparently unfiltered military data has been, not only provided, but given over in an earnest attempt to invite public investigation.

There has been a very limited display of this from other governments, but basically more of political posturing than anything else. The so-called "Blue Book" of the United States is an example of what we mean by this previous statement. The Belgium affair, in stark contrast, was quite extraordinary, with the military releasing their information immediately.

The events:

Beginning in late 1989, a definite UFO "flap" converged on Belgium, with the majority of the sightings occurring in the vicinity of Wallonia. For some time from that point on, literally thousands of people reported seeing triangular aircraft in the Belgian skies, exhibiting flight characteristics which simply cannot be explained, with regard to mundane terrestrial aircraft. Unlike previous flaps, these accounts generated report after report of what, in essence, was exactly the same type of craft: rectangular platforms or rhombus, and triangles. The eyewitness descriptions have been surprisingly similar in the vast majority of these reports.

As we all know, civilian reports are one thing... But corroborating government and military data is quite definitely something else! A surprising number of these civilian sightings were confirmed by individuals in the Belgian Air Force, police officers, and air traffic controllers.

Even more surprising was the release of the technical data to support the events. Belgian military officials have been quoted with regard to their perplexity of the extreme nature of some of the actions of the sighted aircraft. Colonel de Brouwer of the Belgian Air Force has stated that some of the tracking data revealed extreme, instantaneous changes in velocity and altitude. Calculations of some of the sighting data indicates gravitational stress in the 40 G range. Needless to say, this is quite impossible, from accepted thinking in physics, for any "manned" aircraft. We believe it is safe to say that any human occupant aboard an aircraft performing such actions would be little more than a wet spot on the wall afterward.

Colonel de Brouwer has gone on to explain that the maneuvers executed by these objects were done at altitudes virtually impossible for the F-16 interceptors launched for investigation to duplicate. Equally alarming, when fully considered, is the fact that these aircraft operated at speeds which definitely broke the sound barrier, but with no shock wave registering, and no sonic boom being heard by ground observers.

Making the entire affair even more bizarre is the fact that these objects have been spotted apparently "working" in unison with each other, slowly moving over certain countryside areas, hovering, and sweeping the ground with what appear to be either laser beams or high intensity lights. This was confirmed, not only by ground observers, but from observations taken from the air.

Whatever the objects were in the Belgian UFO wave, they cannot be readily explained in ordinary aircraft technology. There has been much discussion as to the possibility that these were "black project" aircraft tests, but the breadth and scope of the observed actions of these objects basically preclude even that being the logical explanation.

As with so many other UFO alerts, we are left with more questions than precise answers. But at least in this case, we have the nearly unprecedented cooperation of a government entity and their armed forces, who instead of hiding the issue, have communicated towards the public and the ufologists. This transparency has revealed somehow contagious and a in a larger number of countries the military people are starting to talk and the official file get accessible to some extent to the genera public.


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