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A flying triangle with a beam on May 17, 1991, in Braine l'Alleud

Mrs. Suzanne H., chief nurse, reported to P. Beckers, SOBEPS investigator, who underlined her rigor and her common sense, that on May 17, 1991 at approximately 01:30 a.m. in Braine l'Alleud, she was writing at her kitchen table, close to her window.

She then heard a very intense noise which increased as if it approached, that she compared thereafter to the noise of the heater of the building opposite the street which would have been amplified, and that she described as a kind of vibrating breath or a humming.

The noise was loud enough for her to rush at the window and lean outside, and she looked upwards in the direction where the noise came from.

Initially, she did not see anything. Then, appearing from the gutter of her building, she initially saw a triangular form appearing, exceeding the gutter little by little, the rear back part of this triangle remaining out of sight above the roof the building.

The apparent dimension of this triangle was like that of an object of 15 centimeters held at arm's length. It was said am unable to give an absolute estimate of its size or its altitude, but indicated that it seemed gigantic to her and that she felt like crushed.

This UFO very clearly appeared to her as a solid construction on which she could have knocked if she had been nearer.

She clearly distinguished the edges from this triangle. On its left board, there was by places like sorts of cloudy scraps which blurred it, but she saw that they were not clouds, because the craft was very low.

The triangle moved while following the boulevard, slightly in diagonal compared to it, at a speed that she estimated as approximately 10 km/h.

She indicated that her impression was that the triangle had a matt surface, of dark gray color, and completely flat.

At the front of the triangle, there was a group of lights located along the edges in a symmetrical way. They were more grouped towards the front point of the triangle.

At least four of these lights were of white color. At this time, these lights flickered fast, with approximately 2 lights flickering on the left and on the right each second, and "in a balanced manner", but apparently never reproducing the same sequences, i.e. that there was never more light on the left than on the right, nor on the front compared to the back.

She thought that there was also a red light, which seemed to her not to flicker. She could not locate this red light precisely, but it seemed to her that it was in the central axis of the triangle.

Above:: Reconstitution according to the diagram by the investigator.
The colors are added according to the witness description. The color of the sky is that of the place at this date and this hour. The flickering of the white lights and the beam are not shown.

From slightly back from the central axis, there was a ray of light, inclined on 45° in average. This beam came out from an opening which was larger than the diameter of the side lights. It was of a much more intense white than the ray itself.

It seemed to her that the opening was crossed by the ray, as if the opening was not its source. She described the kind of light at this opening like that of the translucent opaline, very brilliant, and the surface of the opening seemed to her to be convex. The diameter of the beam was the same as that of the opening, and the beam itself seemed cylindrical and homogeneous to her.

This beam arrived on the ground of the boulevard, and traced on this ground a course like a moving projector would have moved. This course showed a movement in form shape of several "8."

During the five seconds of the observation, she estimates that the beam drew this figure of "8" three times on the ground. This sweeping was done on the roadway and the central lawn which divided the boulevard, and followed the trajectory of the triangle.

The point at the ground lit by the beam had a diameter slightly smaller than that of a car.

Above Reconstitution of the course of the beam on the ground according to the diagram of the investigator.

All of a sudden, she had the impression that the UFO was now very small in the distance, as if she had closed the eyes in the meantime of its travel, and that the UFO had continued its trajectory and that she would have reopened the eyes when it would have already been far. But she had not closed her eyes any moment. She could not see an acceleration, there was no particular sound when this sudden change occurred.

At the time, she did not particularly react to this kind of sudden jump which she did not see, but later while reconsidering her observation, she realized that this displacement was abnormal.

For her, if the thing had been a plane, which would have made this sudden displacement in so little time, she should have been thrown back into her kitchen by the blow of the engines, but nothing like that occurred.

From the now far away triangle, she now saw only blinking lights, the beam was not visible any more, whereas she did not remember to have seen it dying out. The noise which seemed to come from the UFO resembled that of a plane.

It then veered with an angle much more acute than a plane could have done, and moved away while going in the direction towards Brussels.

She then went outside in the street, thinking that the noise had to draw the attention of other people, but she saw that there were only two lit windows in the street, whose curtains were closed.


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