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The Belgium flap:

December 12, 1989, Natoye:

SOBEPS indicated that on December 12, 1989, to 21:40, Natoye, four witnesses observed a craft which was larger than the 25 meters length of the dwelling, extending to the nearby dwelling at 20 meters, which conferred on the machine a width of 50 meters.

The observation being given in example on the question of dimensions of the carrying masses of the lights in certain observations does not comprise other information.

It was at an altitude given as approximately 50 meters.

An outline, annotated and black and white drawing of the craft was made, giving many details on the craft, such as the form and the locations of various lights and light beams.

The captions indicate:

This sketch allows the reconstitution below:

Below: Indicated measurements permit the reconstitution - size of observer in red compared to that of the craft (arbitrary craft thickness here).

Note: if the witnesses underestimated the 50 meters altitude of the craft above the ground, then the craft was not smaller but bigger.


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