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Some photographic cases:

Click!OrciŤre-Merlette, France, 1989.
Click!Gulf Breeze
Click!Gettysburg, USA, 2000.
Click!New Jersey, USA, 1999.
Click!IsraŽl video frames, 1998.
Click!Mid-Air ufo crash filmed in IsraŽl, 1996.
Click!Symmes Orb, near Cincinnati, USA, 1994.
Click!Jalisco, Mexico, 1993.
Click!Canaima, Venezuela, 1990.
Click!El Progresso, Guatemala, 1989.
Click!San Jacinto, USA, 1988.
Click!Vancouver Island, 1981.
Click!Charleston, USA, 1980.
Click!Colfax, USA, 1978.
Click!UFO near eruptive volcano, Antarctic, 1976.
Click!Nancy, France, 1975.
Click!Cocoyoc, Mexico, 1973.
Click!Lago de Cote, 1971.
Click!USAF pilot pictures, near Provo, Utah, USA, 1966.
Click!Four photographs in Yungay, Peru, 1967.
Click!The photograph in Yorba Linda, USA, 1967.
Click!The infamous "Swamp Gas", Hillsdale, USA, 1966.
Click!The St. George multiple-witnesses sighting and photograph, 1965, USA.
Click!Heflin photos, Santa Ana, California, USA, 1965.
Click!Photograph and multiple witness case of Sherman, 1965, Texas, USA.
Click!Lac Chauvet, France, 1952.
Click!Jesse Wilson, 1959.
Click!Timber Lake photographs, 1958.
Click!Trindade Island photographs, 1958.
Click!Photos of disc tracked by searchlight for months, Norwood, USA, 1949.
Click!Photograph by pilot, Morristown New Jersey, USA, 1947.
Click!Foo Fighters, WWII.
Click!Shooting UFOS over Los Angeles, 1942.
Click!George Sutton photograph, Ohio, USA, 1932.
Click!UFOs before photography existed.
Click!More UFOs before photography existed.
Click!More UFOs before photography existed.
Click!Ancien Astronauts?.
Click!Australian prehistoric cave paintings.

NASA pictures:

Click!The McDivitt pictures during Gemini IV mission, 1965, endorsed by the Condon Report as a UFO.

Hoaxes, uncerntainties, misidentifications and deceptions:

Click!Another UFO crash in Russia.
Click!The 1966 Zanesville hoax, man wanted to please his daughter.
Click!The Walter Schilling hoax, Hamburg 1977 "McMinnville-like" UFO, a model.
Click!Apollo 16 giant UFO film explained.
Click!UFO in Australia, 2004, probable bird.
Click!A strange blue cube in Guadeloupe, 2004, very funny.
Click!The ever changing scratch/UFO on the B-57B photograph, 1954.
Click!The alleged UFO photograph by space probe Hayabusa, 2005.
Click!Space BLURFO on the Eros asteroid.

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