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Astronomers and UFOs:

Most people have been lead to believe that astronomers never see any UFO in the sky. The belief has been built by amateur skeptics and widely relayed in the media. Actually, telescopes and astronomy instruments are not at all ideal for capturing any UFO; they are also not capturing airplanes anyway and nobody would doubt the existence of airplanes by claiming that "astronomers don't see them in their telescopes". So, astronomers see UFOs with the naked eye mostly, as more knowledgeable skeptics could tell you. However, there are also cases where UFOs were captured by astronomers using telescopes.

An example is a sighting reported by amateur astronomer Jesse Wilson in March 18, 1959, in Denville, New Jersey, USA.

He has decided to take some photographs of the moon through his telescope. When he developed the series of photographs, he noticed that one of those captured 34 bright objects arcing in a line formation away from the moon.

He then checked his telescope for any possible fault. There were none. He checked the negatives with a magnifier for faults, such as mecanical scratches. He found none. So he sent the photographs to Project Blue Book for examination.

Project Blue Book investigated. They checked any possible commonplace explanation and found none. For example, they checked if some static electricity discharge could have occurred and result in some similar effect on the photograph. They dismissed this possibility. However, any explanation was better than none to them, so they concluded that static electricty discharge had to be the explanation.

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