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Washington D.C., February 4, 1959:

Blue Book UFO photograph
Blue Book UFO photograph

Washington, D.C., itself, has been the location of many sightings, most of which the Air Force has summarily dismissed.

The object photographed over the Capitol on February 4, 1959 by A. S. Frutin was evaluated by Air force as an aircraft. See close up underneath.

The enlarged portion of the photograph showed an additional light underneath the supposed aircraft over Washington.

Waikiki, Hawaii, June 18, 1959:

Blue Book UFO photograph

Here is one of the most breathtaking photos ever taken of a UFO, Joseph Sigel of Bellevue, Washington, took it June 18, 1959 in Waikiki, Hawaii, the same day that the blue book "unkown" case 6400 happened at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The original is a color photograph. Saucer appears to have rounded top, and twinkling lights at bottom, giving window effect. Sent to Project Blue Book team. It was evaluated as sun glare on lens, though from shadows on shore sun seems to be at camera's rear.

Nevertheless, the photograph has been discussed at the UFO symposium for the Congressional Hearings of 1968 by Dr. Robert N. Sheppard, who pointed out possible similarities with other UFO photographs.

Elko, Nevada, 1959:

Blue Book UFO photograph

This object shaped like a baseball cap was taken by Virgil L. Welch on October 12, 1959 in Elko, Nevada. Evaluation: hoax.

See also: the Jesse Wilson photograph.

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