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The "Lubbock Lights":

The case of the Lubbock lights is very rich and frustrating at the same time. It is explained, but the explanation has been kept secret.

For the true story, see the original account by Captain Ed Ruppelt, head of Project Blue Book, to learn the entire story in probably its only honnest account, for project reports extracts, see here.

Blue Book UFO photograph

One of the photographs taken by Carl Hart that can be seen everywhere. It has been reverted.

Blue Book UFO photograph

A photograph taken by Carl Hart.

The lights revealed brighter on film than to the naked eyes according to this witness.

Blue Book UFO photograph

This picture of the Lubbock lights has been sometimes introduced as taken by Coast Guards. I do not believe this is true, Blue Book indicates that only four photographs exist, all taken by Carl Hart, who said took five pictures but could only produce four of them.

Blue Book UFO photograph

A composite of the Carl Hart pictures used by Ed Ruppelt in the analysis and the presentation of the case during several Blue Book UFO briefings.

Blue Book UFO photograph

One of the Lubbock lights enlarged picture, which leaked out to the archives of the NICAP private UFO investigation group, who had many members from the US Air Force.

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