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Blue Book photographs 1953 - 1954:

Blue Book UFO photograph

Modesto, California, September 3, 1953:

This unidentified elliptical-shaped yellowish light on the right appears in a photograph taken by Charles Rogers, a Modesto, California, newspaper photographer, on September 3, 1953. The light appeared to remain stationary when he first saw it, so he set his camera up on roof, left shutter open and got this result. No additional information found.

Blue Book UFO photograph

Mountain View, Montana, July 30, 1954:

Overlapping discs in Mountain View, Montana, on July 30, 1954, according to a certain Buck Nelson, Air force did not buy the story. Their report hinted double exposure or else objects were tossed before camera while making exposure.

I quickly investigated about Buck Nelson and discovered that in 1954 this farmer claimed that his 17 year old cousin owns his own flying saucer hidden in the mountains, went to Venus several times to teach English to the Venusians, saved the President's life, and that is only the beginning of the story.


See here for cases #1501 in 1952 (unexplained).

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