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Various photographs:

Eddie Watkins, Hampton, Virginia:

Blue Book UFO photograph

Silhouetted clearly against the evening sky is this unknown disc, which was photographed by Eddie Watkins near his Hampton, Va., home.

I did not find any additional information.

Michael Savage, San Bernardino, California:

Blue Book UFO photograph

Michael Savage, 15 year-old son of a California surgeon, snapped this object near power lines in San Bernadino. He tried to get a second shot but in his haste over-cranked the camera and drew a blank negative.

The boy claimed that the object hovered near his house for 30 seconds. The photo was published in the newspaper.

Ufologists found similarities with a picture taken by a photographer, Ed Keffel, of the Brazilian publication "O Cruziero" while he was accompanied by a journalist, Joao Martins, near Rio de Janeiro in May, 1952.

John Deep, Macon:

Blue Book UFO photograph

Just the moon out of focus, experts said of John Deep's entry from Macon, Ga.

Blue Book UFO photograph

Richard Miller, Denver:

Submitted as a bonafide UFO by Richard Miller of Denver, this photo was evaluated as a hoax by Air Force investigators, maybe because rich detail makes it look like something from the MGM prop department. I found no additional information.

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