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Blue Book photographs, 1957:

Camden, New Jersey, August 23, 1957:

Blue Book UFO photograph

On August 23, 1957, Baldassar Bottos photographed this UFO in Camden, N.J. Project Blue Book, the Air Force's official investigation team, examined the negative, decided it was balloon.

Anaheim, California, November 6, 1957

Blue Book UFO photograph

A "weird, gaseous mass," as photographer Ed Leadford, 19, described a UFO that appeared over Anaheim, California, November 6, 1957. The pinkish-red object faded, then reappeared.

Norway, July 1957:

Blue Book UFO photograph

This picture sent to Blue Book from Norway in July 1957 has been analyzed by the photographic reconnaissance laboratory at Wright Patterson AFB as a reflection of light on the camera lenses, which is very likely to be correct.

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