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Pictures by amateurs in Spain:

A collection of pictures by amateurs in Spain.

UFO picture


As the bottoms of the low flying clouds began to turn gold at sundown, Se˝ora Montserrat Batillori, a housewife, seeing this beautiful sunset out her window in Barcelona in June 1978, obtained a camera and went out to get a picture of it. She observed it for a few moments, and then on impulse snapped the shutter and got this photograph capturing three quite brilliantly luminous golden flying objects over the buildings in dark silhouette.

UFO picture


At 3:00am on March 25, 1950, news cameraman Enrique Hausmann Muller observed and photographed a huge, rotating greenish-orange globe in the night sky. It had a fiery Saturn-like ring of vapor or mist surrounding its middle, and had great shooting tongues of flame jetting from the edges of the ring, exactly like a huge 4th of July Catherine's Wheel. It emitted a loud drone as it passed at low level over the island of Mallorca. Its speed was estimated at up to 400mph, but Muller had time to raise his camera and get it squarely in the view finder for one picture. It was so big and so close that it almost filled the entire field of view. It flew away over the horizon.

UFO picture


A strange luminous phenomenon observed over Barcelona in 1974 and left without satisfying explanation. AFP picture.

In June 2003, I received via email the following testimony:


This is the second email I send to you, indeed I discovered your website only a few days ago...

I want to congratule you for this site. (in many aspects there are very few site on this subject that match the quality of this one).

When I was very young (aged 2), I was the witness, like my parents and friends, in June 1974 (on June 12), of a very impressive UFO phenomenon (I have vague memories of it but I was rather young.) This phenomenon was seen by several tens of thousands of witnesses certainly, I think that from the Pyrenees to Barcelona of many people must have seen between 09:00 P.M. and 22:00 P.M. an enormous (gigantic) cloudy and luminous formation develop in a rather fast and chaotic way from France (seen in Spanish Catalonia) to the province of Barcelona (more than 100 km I think).

My parents still have a super8 footage and photographs of the phenomenon (taken from our house in the village of [retained by webmaster], Girona). We also kept newspaper clipping of June 14 reporting on the event (Midi Libre, l'IndÚpendant).

Being very interested, my parents and myself, by the whole of the UFO "file" (sociological, scientific aspects as well as geopolitical), we were always disconcerted by the total absence of explanation on behalf of the Spanish and French authorities concerning this event.

My parents initially thought of ballistic tests having turned into a disaster.

Also, being Belgian of French language and thus being very conscious of the 1989-90 UFO flap, we never lost sight of this story which goes back today to nearly thirty years!

Thus it's been quite a while that I tried (within the framework of the writing of a ufology documentary-fiction) to find some traces of this 1974 event. It is the first time that I find a mention of it, and that on your site, Patrick.

Hence these few words to congratulate you for your work, and to inform you that I am ready to provide scanned photographs or stills from the super8 footage. I would also wish to know more about this event, of course!

[Name retained by webmaster]

UFO picture


Seen by many witnesses, a UFO wandered around in Grand Canary Island on June 22, 1976. My dossier on this complex and spectacular UFO case is here.

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