UFO pictures from Poland:

A collection of UFO pictures taken in Poland.

UFO picture


At 03:00 P.M. on December 22, 1958, Dr. Stanislaw Kowalczewski, a well-known general MD in the sector, and his wife, were in cure at Muszynia, Poland, near the Poprad river, not far from Krynica in the South-east part of the country, when he took this remarkable photography of an UFO. Dr. Kowalczewski was at the window of the private clinic this afternoon, camera at disposal, preparing to take a photograph of the landscape in front of him. The day was rather cloudy and windy, but from time to time the sun managed to pass between the clouds. At this time the sun was on the point to emerge again as the doctor supposed it. The clouds started to shine with a strong orange tonality. After the developed film was turned over to him, Dr. Kowalczewski was astonished to find a dark object of the shape of a disc with a dome on the top on the image.

UFO picture


This alleged UFO picture has seemingly been shot at Czaplinek in 1947.

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