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UFO photographs:

Classic unexplained UFO photographs:

A collection of several well known ufo photographs that remained unexplained to this day.



These unidentified flying objects were seen in the sky over Sicily. Similar photos were reported to have been taken in other European countries. The authenticity of the images was checked by questioning the photographer, who said the objects were in the sky and remained still for several minutes. Numerous ground observers from different spots confirmed it.

Mainly because the observers seem to look in a directions where the objects are not, the photograph is generally considered a hoax.


Lubbock, Texas:

The famous photographs from the "Lubbock lights" in Texas, 31 August 1951. Years later, ignoring all testimonies and evidences, skeptics stated that these objects were... birds.

The case is actually far more complicated, I give details here.


Hessdalen Norway:

There are so many nocturnal lights and strange observation in Hessdalen, Norway, that a permanent scientific team is on location with radars, infra red detectors, lasers, cameras etc. They have hundred of measures and pictures. Interestingly, ufos are also seen and photographed in daylight such as this picture from 15 September 1994 12:35. You can get a larger version.

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