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Pictures by amateurs from Thailand:

A collection of pictures by amateurs in Thailand.

UFO picture

Bangkok, March 7, 1977:

At 10:00am on March 7, 1973, Mr. Akita Takao, vacationing in Bangkok and Saigon, was taking in the sights of Bangkok, Thailand. He was on an excursion boat on the Mi-Nam River; and was passing one of the beautiful temples that sit on its banks. The light was good with the temples shining elegantly in the morning sunshine so he decided to take a picture of one of them. When Takao returned to Japan, he sent the exposed roll of film to his regular developer. A few days later when his prints came back from the processor, he was astonished to find the image of a solid-looking flattened, spheroid shaped object, with a hazy ring surrounding it in the center, suspended in the sky to the left of the temple he had photographed.

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