Pictures by amateurs from Germany:

A collection of pictures by amateurs in Germany.

UFO picture


At 12:52pm on January 4, 1973, Mr. Yusuke J. Matsumura, a Japanese businessman, was riding a domestic airliner from Hamburg to Frankfurt to catch a flight to Tokyo. As the aircraft was climbing out from Hamburg, he spotted a small, dark lens-shaped object several miles away and also up above the cloud level. He raised his camera and snapped two color photographs of the object.

UFO picture


Herr Walter Schilling observed and photographed a flying disc with a curious rotating, fluorescent periscope-like mast. The object was very close to the ground and was tilted at an angle as it cast a 30 feet shadow on the grass to its right.

I checked the picture: clearly a hoax, detailed information here.

UFO picture


At around midday on the 11th of July, 1977, Herr Dieter Croll was walking through a country area near Wurzburg when he suddenly spotted a shiny, silver metallic looking object flying in the clear blue sky. The flying machine looked like a thick disc with full rounded rim edges. It was flat on the bottom and had a curved dome with a prominent cupola on top. The cupola was wide and nearly flat at its top. The whole thing appeared opaque and solid, and it looked as though it could have been made in one piece. It had no visible windows, ports, or protrusions breaking its smooth contours. Its finish was highly reflective, like polished chrome or a mirror. The disc was seven to 10m in diameter and was moving in and out of scattered small white clouds with bases at between 3,000 and 4,000ft above the ground. The wind was light and the atmosphere clear of haze and smoke. Dieter Croll prepared his camera and snapped six good photographs of the object as he watched it move in the sky above him.

UFO picture


UFO photographed 8 March 1964 by Harry Haukler who was on a train passing through Oberwesel, Germany, when he saw a disc rise into the air alongside the train. The photograph shows a dark whirling below the disc.

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