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The Symmes Township Orb, USA, June 1994:

Several photographs of a mysterious globe-like object taken in June of 1994, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Witnessed by dozens of persons for over one hour, an object thought initially to be a balloon appeared and held stationary in the distance, seen behind a Thriftway Supermarket in June of 1994.

The object was spied by curious onlookers, some of whom laughed at its appearance and went on their way, while others, including the one who snapped the following photos, marveled at its seemingly inexplicable ability to hold perfectly stationary.

One passing motorist who stopped to see what everyone was staring at found himself being courteously probed for his opinion on the object. The driver looked fleetingly into the sky and chuckled, then prior to driving off in blissful oblivion added, "You don't really believe that stuff do you?"

At one point, the object lifted dramatically to a high altitude, leaving witnesses doubtful that a normal tether could have been strung out such a great distance.

Symmes orb

No approach path was noted, as the object was 'suddenly detected' in the skies near the Kemper & Montgomery Road intersections. No departure path was noted either, as the object remained visible until after darkness. Daybreak the following morning revealed no object present, only plenty of questions.

Symmes orb

Symmes orb

Symmes orb enlargement

The mystery object was approached and circled THREE TIMES by what was thought to be LOCAL AIR TRAFFIC. To this date, no pilot has stepped forward to acknowledge sighting any such event.

Symmes orb

Document from the Hamilton County Planning & Zoning Commission, stating that no permits were given for advertising balloons on the day in question.


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