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UFO observations reports:

Deception Island, Antarctic, 1965:

1965: Between the months of June and July, a succession of UFO incidents occurred in the Antarctic region, some of them producing electromagnetic disturbances, and witnessed by personnel from the British, Chilean and Argentine bases. A phenomenon on July 3rd at the Deception Island Naval Station generates the second official acknowledgment by the Army of Argentine. The sightings were numerous and it is rarely possible, from the press accounts, to discriminate between spacecraft, aurora borealis and other phenomena.

Deception Island, Antarctic, 1976:

On December 4, 1976, Chilean and Argentine Naval ships were standing off Decepcion Island in the Antarctic, evacuating personnel with helicopters as rapidly as they could be found. A massive volcano was erupting from the depths of an old lake on the island and the large scale rescue effort had been initiated. Some 30 Chilean scientists, 14 Argentines and 8 British people were rescued as tons of ashes, rocks, and molten lava were thrown high into the air. At this very moment a UFO has been observed and photographed.

Deception ISland 1976


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