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UFOs in the daily Press:

Deception Island sightings in the press, 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Boston Globe, USA, on July 9, 1965.


Antarctic 'Saucer' Sighting Reported

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- From the Antarctic Thursday came official reports that a mysterious lens-shaped flying object, manoeuvering and moving at great speed, was sighted last Saturday.

A Chilean base commander in the Antarctic reported the object was "yellowish red, changing to green, yellow and orange."

In Buenos Aires, the Navy issued a communiqué saying personnel at Argentina's Antarctic base saw the flying object and photographed it.

Mario Jahn Barrera, commander of the Chilean base, told the Defense Ministry by radio that it would be too much to say that "all of us saw a flying saucer, one of these science fiction things."

However," he continued, "it was something real, an object that moved at amazing speed, manoeuvered quickly and gave off a blue green sheen. It also caused interference in the electromagnetic apparatus of an Argentine base which is facing ours on a nearby small island."

The interference was confirmed by the Navy communiqué issued in Buenos Aires.

"The object was yellowish red," Jahn said, "changing to green, yellow and orange. It would zigzag quickly. then it stopped and we promptly reached for field glasses, telescopes, anything at hand to sight it. We watched as it remained quietly there for about 20 minutes."

Jahn said a corporal took color pictures but there are no facilities for developing the film. the men must wait for eight months to be relieved to have the film developed on the mainland.

"I can say it was not a star, because its movement was rapid and continuous," Jahn said. "As to being an aircraft, I do not think so. I am an Air Force man and from what I know about aircraft there is nothing like it, because of its shape, the speed and maneuverability."

In Buenos Aires, a Navy communiqué quoted Lt Daniel Perisse, in command of a naval detachment at Deception, in the Antarctic, as saying: "The characteristics of the object and its movement show that it was neither balloon, nor star, nor aircraft."

"The object was seen under weather conditions that could be considered exceptional at this time of the year: a clear sky, some isolated stratocumulus, the moon visible in the vaning quarter."

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