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Antarctic UFOs 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Albany Times, USA, on July 7, 1965.


Unidentified Flying Object Spotted Over Antarctic

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP). -- Argentine, British and Chilean military and scientific personnel in the Antarctic watched what they called a curious celestial body for about 20 minutes Monday, the Chilean air force reported Tuesday.

Air force headquarters released a copy of a report from the air force commander at the Pedro Aguirre Cerda base in the Antarctic saying that personnel saw an object "glowing with a white light cruising in a northeast-southwest direction at a high rate of speed."

The report said the object turned, flew a zigzag course and seemed at times to hang suspended in the air.

Personnel at the British station reported sighting an unidentified object but described it as yellow at times and green at others, the report said.

The Chilean air force quoted the British observers as saying the object shone with the intensity of a star of the first magnitude.

The Argentines, according to the Chilean report, sighted an object which alternately glowed white, yellow, green and orange which left a vapor trail as it moved across the sky at high speed.

The report said the Argentine station known as Orcadas reported that the object affected the instruments used to measure magnetic fields.

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