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Pictures by amateurs from Japan:

A collection of pictures by amateurs in Japan.


Yokohama, February 21, 1957:

This photograph was obtained at 09:07 a.m. on February 21, 1957, at Yokohama, by Mr. A. Komaki, a member of the Flying Saucer Research Group in Japan. The objects were yellow-orange in color, saucer shaped, traveling rather low and at about 100 miles per hours. The image appeared in the APRO Bulletin for May and for July 1957.

UFO picture

Kaue City, August 1973:

In August of 1973, fifteen year-old F.S. was taking a picture of the night sky, when by chance he observed and photographed a brilliantly luminous capsule-shaped flying object; which could simply be a meteor. He had his camera set for a star picture when the unexpected object flashed into view in the night sky. It was quite bright and left a luminous trail in its wake. In the developed print the object shows up clearly against the dark skies. The photographer was using a Nikomat FTN camera with a Nikkor 50mm f1.2 lens mounted.

UFO picture

Sayama September 2, 1973:

At 5:30pm on September 2, 1973, a silver cylindrical object with rounded ends was observed flying over Sayama. It looked like a vehicle reflecting the sunlight in the sky at first, and Mr. Hitoshi Mizutani prepared his camera to take a picture of what he saw. As he watched, it began to change color to red and then to orange in about five seconds. He took one color photograph of the mysterious craft with an Asahi Pentax SP camera with a Takumar 50mm f1.4 lens set at f4 and 1/500 second exposure on Fuji N100 film.

UFO picture

Hokkaido April 28, 1974:

A small craft of Saturn-shaped configuration was photographed over the road in Japan on April 28, 1974. It was just past 10:00am when Noboru Yoshida, a high school student, took 10 black and white photographs of a round, spherical-shaped object having a thick ring surrounding it at the middle. The pictures were made as it flew low in the sky over the road.

UFO picture

Obihiro City, Hokkaido, November 12, 1974:

At 12:00 p.m. on November 12, 1974, eleven years old twin brothers, Yoshitsugu and Katsuji Iino, were looking at the sky from a back window of their home in Obihiro City when they noticed a mysterious dark disc-like flying object hovering in the sky. One of them went for a camera while the other kept his eyes on the object, and they succeeded in snapping four color photographs before the object rose into the clouds and disappeared from view.

UFO picture

Kyoto City, May 1975:

In May of 1975, the president of a local company snapped a picture of his young daughter in the backyard of his home in Kyoto City. When the prints came back from the developer, he was surprised to see on one print, above the girl's head, a dim greenish ball of light surrounded by a dimmer halo in the sky. The object was clearly beyond the telephone wires on the far side of the yard. An examination of the negative and print by experts revealed no film or processing defect, and no evidence of tampering with the negative.

UFO picture

Chiba, May 11, 1975:

Young Ryutaro Umehara claimed that at 09:00 a.m. on May 11, 1975, he snapped 4 color pictures of a dark lens-shaped object flying in the sky as it descended in a falling-leaf fashion. The image shows a typical Adamski-inspired saucer.

UFO picture

Takamatsu City, August 24, 1975:

On the 24th of August, 1975 at 2:00pm in Takamatsu City, Japan, Masahiro Fujikawa, a high school student working a telescope on the verandah of his home, noticed a flash in the sky above the Saitokuji Temple nearby. He quickly snapped a picture with a pocket camera as the object curved down in his direction and then zoomed away into the afternoon sky.

UFO picture

Nagoya City, Aichi, September 3, 1975:

At 2:30pm on September 3, 1975, 12 year old Hirohito Tanaka was doing his homework in the living room of his house in Nagoya City. He happened to look up and out the big picture window and saw something flying high in the sky above the scattered clouds that day. Looking closer, he could see that it was a very unusual flying machine, dark and cigar-shaped. He obtained a camera and quickly snapped 8 photographs of the cylindrical ship that was launching and recovering smaller circular domed disc-shaped machines, some of which came down and flew low over the city.

UFO picture

Nagoya City, Aichi, October 4, 1975:

At 02:00 p.m. on October 4, 1975, high school student Hirohito Tanaka watched a small bell-shaped flying object descend to near ground level in a "falling-leaf" kind of motion. It left a trail of white vapor or exhaust in its wake as it flew. Near the ground it steadied, leveled off, and flew away horizontally until it was out of sight. He grabbed his camera and ran to the balcony where he managed to snap several black and white photographs of the ship. When the white trail drifted to the ground it was found to consist of spider-web-like filamentary substance that evaporated away in a few minutes. The white material seemed to be ejected from the top part of the small ship.

UFO picture

Nagoya City, Aichi, April 9, 1976:

At 2:00pm on April 9, 1976, Hirohito Tanaka saw the small dark circular flying object with the raised dome in the center. It was making a low pass over the roof of his next door neighbor's house. Grabbing his Instamatic 126, he ran to the balcony and shot seven pictures in rapid succession. The domed disc was moving in zig-zag and falling-leaf fashion as it flew about in the near sky. It was dark colored and he could not see much detail, only noting its strange movements, well aware that no airplane known to him could perform such maneuvers.

UFO picture

Aichi, June 22, 1976:

Mr. Yukio Ishida, 39, a company president from the vicinity of Kozakai-cho, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, was driving his car along the bank of the Toyokawa Canal, when suddenly he noticed a strange object flying in the sky beyond the opposite bank of the canal. It was then about 11:30am. He was astonished and trembling with excitement, he stopped the car and got out with his camera. He readied it and succeeded in taking 10 good photographs of the object before it flew away.

UFO picture

Miki-Cho, Kagawa, February 4, 1978:

At 3:00pm on February 4, 1978, Mr. Hirobumi Matsushita was taking snapshots with a friend when they noticed a shiny golden metallic colored object flying high above them in the clear blue sky. There were no clouds and a slight breeze was blowing, but not enough to raise debris that high in the air. The object seemed to be moving purposefully, obviously under intelligent control. Mr. Matsushita adjusted his camera and took several pictures of the strange object before it disappeared.

UFO picture

Miki-Cho, February 4, 1978:

This bell-shaped craft was photographed hovering above the island nation near Miki-Cho. After a short time, the UFO reportedly sped directly upward through the atmosphere.

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