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Orcière-Merlette, France, 1989:


I received the information, then the scanned photography, through two emails sent spontaneously to me by the son-in-law of the witness.

Here is the information:

The photograph was shot in July 1989 in the Hautes-Alpes in France near the ski resort of Orcière-Merlette (altitude 1850 meters) at about 00:30.

The witness indicates that the sky clear and without clouds.

The witness was tired of a one-day excursion, when suddenly his wife called him to come see something unusual in the sky, the witness used the expression "mothership."

The witness came by fast. He tried "with difficulty" to take a photograph of an object which "does not make any noise of propeller" and "no trail of jet engine, on the other hand an extremely powerful luminosity and a noise which can be compared to electric wire of 300 or 400 thousands volts."

The witness indicates that the visible details on the photograph could not be seen at the time because of the luminosity, and that these details "are to date still not interpretable to me ...??"

The witness asks himself: "antigravitic system or passage through a black hole, who are we dealing with and which are their intentions??" and wishes to be enlightened on what he saw and photographed.

Here the scan of the photograph. The scan was carried out by the son-in-law and is presented here exactly as I received it without any editing:

Short discussion:

  1. Nothing allows to claim that the image is proven authentic and is not created for misleading purpose. Any image, especially in a state of digital image, can be manufactured in the intention to mislead.
  2. The son-in-law of the witness did not ask me for any money, and sent me the scan of the photograph after I asked it to him to do it in response to a first email in which he reported what he heard from his father-in-law. In the email exchange, there was no indication whatsoever of any doubtful motivation.
  3. According to the son-in-law, his father-in-law, the witness, never publicly testified and did not approach any ufologist or authority either. He kept the history for him, never sought any benefit from it. The case reached me though his son-in-law because the latter visited my website, and thought that I may be able to find an explanation or to confirm the out of the ordinary nature of the case.
  4. The account of the witness includes the terms "mothership", "antigravitaire" "black hole" and "intentions". This could wrongly suggest a predisposition at the moment of the observation. This neither is established nor disproved. The account being written more than 10 years after the observation, the puzzled witness had all the time to get familiarized at least a little with UFO matters and related vocabulary.
  5. The "electric" sound and the luminosity quickly made me think of a corona phenomenon which may have occurred quite naturally on some electric pylon of the ski resort. The corona effect is a luminous phenomenon which can occur around electrical conductors, when the difference of potential between the surface of the conductor and the ambient gaseous medium exceeds a limit value. The effect is very favored when a certain electric field is close to a metallic point (Saint-Elmo fire). However this effect is not known to me (?) as creating red, orange or yellow colors, but rather blue or greenish colors. However I suspect a direction of research there.
  6. The two symmetrical volutes irresistibly made me think of highlighting of aerodynamic turbulences of objects tested in wind tunnel or wind tunnel simulation, the central object almost suggesting the shape of a car. I however did not find wind tunnel or virtual wind tunnel images which are really close enough to suggest that the image I received would only be such an image diverted of context in a misleading intention. I see in these volutes something potentially telling, maybe leading to a solution or explanatory theories.


If you have

thank you to contact me via email at specifying if you wish to preserve your anonymity or not, and please be specific on explanatory elements.

Note to ufologists: To put forth a theory, to think about the image which could be faked does not imply on my part the notion that you would then "authenticate" the image. The possibility that the image is manufactured is clear in my mind, and if you decide to do a work on the image, I would obviously not extrapolate anything unduly.

Thank you to spare me general information or off topic speeches, metaphysics and other unproductive considerations of the "people see UFOS because of the ufologists" and others "nuts and bolts ufology is dead" or "the Earth is hollow" stuff.

Thank you for NOT ASKING witness contact information or other information than those above.

Thank you not to contact me just to complain that information is sparse or insufficient. The information is what it is and that is what we have to work with, as regrettable as that is.

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