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Nancy, France, May 26, 1975:

The picture:

The letter:

The witness' father sent this letter to Albert Ducrocq (1921 - 2001), which was then an extremely popular French scientific journalist, thanks to his qualities as science popularizer at radioEurope 1, and author of books such as "Man in space (spacecraft of second generation)", 1961, "Man on the Moon", 1969, "The search for life on Mars", 1976.

Mr. Jean-Marie Burr, 54000 Nancy,
to Mr. Albert Ducrocq,
Europe n° 1, rue Francois-1er, 75008 Paris

Nancy, August 29, 1975


On May 26, 1975, at approximately 07:45 p.m., my son Didier, who has just been seventeen years old, called me, claiming that he had just seen a UFO and that he had photographed it. His claim was received by much skepticism on my part, my wife's and my daughter's. before closing his shutters, he saw this "thing" and, after a few seconds, he had the reflex to jump on his camera and to take a photograph. We did not speak again any more of the incident; having finished the roll and not having money to have it developped, my son put it aside... and forgot about it until last week. It was an amazement at the sight of the picture which I join to this letter. Here are some more detailed information:

1) Date: May 26, 1975.

2) Local Time: approximately 07:45 p.m.

3) Location: 54000 Nancy.

4) Taken photograph

5) Duration of observation: 10 to 15 seconds.

6) Apparent motion: vertical descending, then oblique ascencion towards the south.

7) The "thing" seemed dark, it did noe emit any colored radiation, nor any perceivable noise.

8) Dimensions, distance, altitude: no clue, dur to the lack of reference points, except the cloudy background, and in the forefront, the windows of the opposite house.

I add that:

1) My son does absolutely not have the necessary knowledge to have make a fake. He was very excited and even acknowledged to have been a little afraid.

2) In my recollection, the local press (Est Répblicain [regional newspaper]) did not mention testimonies of people who might have seen this UFO. But I could have mised it.

3) Of course, I hold the negative one at your disposal should you consider it useful to examine it. As for myself, I am convinced that my son indeed saw and photographed a UFO. As a faithful reader of your works and often listening to you on the radio, I appreciate your scientific mind highly (I am a bachelor of science myself) and your enthusiasm. This is why sent this long letter to you.

My son and myself are already facing mockeries and the sarcastic comments of so-called "strong minds". It is obviously much easier to deny the existence of a problem - when it is not understood -, rather than to try to make some light on it and to study it, if not to solve it.

Please accept Mr. Ducrocq, by very best regards.

Albert Ducroq however apparently did not acted on this, and it is by mre chance that the case became known: journalist Robert Roussel, author of books on the UFO phenomenon and meticulous investigator of the official studies of the phenomenon in France, met the witness at a UFO conference at which he was present.

The witness did not seek to draw any attention, but one of the lecturers asked who, in the assistance, had seen an UFO. The young had a printout of the photograph with him and presented it.

He was then interviewed by journalist Francine Buchy from the FR3 TV channel.

The interview by Francine Buchy of the "FR3" TV channel:

The witness:

Francine Buchy: when did you see this object?

Didier Burr: It was on may 26, 1975 at 07:45 p.m. at the time when I closed the shutters of my bedroom. I saw it by chance, at the moment of the twilight.

Francine Buchy: How did you have the reflex to photograph the object which you suddenly had glimpsed?

Didier Burr: My father had just recently offered an old camera with bellows to me, which formerly belonged to him. There was a film loaded and the apparatus, which was on my desk, was engaged, ready to be used. Whereas I closed my shutters, I saw something which went down and, immediately, I leapt at y camera which was very close to me. Without knowing if the object was in the collimator, I shot while aiming approximately, without taking time to set up anything.

Francine Buchy: How long did you see this object?

Didier Burr: Approximately 10 to 15 seconds. It went down vertically. Then, it disappeared towards the south. It resembled an opaque black disc without any reflection nor relief, and it evolved without noise, at least, I did not hear any noise. It should be said that there was trafic in the street lower and this might have covered a possible noise.

Francine Buchy: What did you do after having taken your photograph?

Didier Burr: As I was not sure at all that the photography was sucessful, I completely forgot it and, actually, I had it developped only three months afterwards. The result left me perplexed, but actually it was essentially the reactions of my entourage whch disappointed me the most. Everyone laughed at me when I told my story. Only in my family was the story believed, but, my friends in high-school made openly fun of me.

The witness' father:

Francine Buchy: On May 26, 1975, at the time of the appearance recorded by your son, you were outside, on the pavement?

Jean-Marie Burr: Yes, that's it, I was outside of the house, on the pavement, when my son called me by the window, excited, while saying to me that it had just seen and to photograph an UFO. Of course, at the time, I did not believe there of the whole.

Francine Buchy: You didn't see it?

Jean-Marie Burr: Oh, no, unfortunately, I did not see anything. I regret that a lot, by the way.

Francine Buchy: So you did not believe your son?

Jean-Marie Burr: No, on the moment, absolutely not. We spoke about it, then, later, it completely slipped out of my mind.

Francine Buchy: And when, three months later, you saw the photograph, what was your reaction?

Jean-Marie Burr: Well! I was stunned, totally stunned.

Francine Buchy: Didier's entourage didn't believe it either?

Jean-Marie Burr: Didier's entourage started to believe. My wife and myself and my parents also believed him. But I noted, if only at the photographers or among people with whom I spoke about it, huge incredulity, that's the least to say.

Francine Buchy: Now, you are certain of the authenticity of the photograph taken by Didier?

Jean-Marie Burr: Ah! that, absolutely. I stand for his sincerity and I can add, moreover, that Didier does not have nor the necessary material and even less the knowledge to have made a fake on the film or the negative one which you have examined.

As for Robert Roussel, he very lengthily examined the color negative, made several printouts of its in black and white with different enlargement. He concluded:

Information that the enlargements provide us makes it possible for us to visualize an opaque object in the shape of disc, as described it Didier Burr, with, in the center, a less dense contour or lighter. On the colorprint, you can clearly distinguish a purplish belt which surrounds the whole craft. The rather slow shutter speed enhanced a slightly fuzzy image of the UFO whereas the totality of photography remains perfectly clear. It is difficult to imagine a hoax by the high-school pupil, and time that he took before seeking to know the results of his shot is indicative, I think, of the sincerity of his testimony. This photography is certainly one of the rare authentic French documents, with those of police officer Flouret at Révigny-sur-Omain in the Meuse. It never had the honors of specialized publications, which makes it, in my eyes, even more valuable.

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