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Alleged photographs of ET beings:


After gathering and investigating many alleged photographs of extraterrestrial beings, my overall impression is that most of them are proven hoaxes; some of the rest might be genuine or hoaxed. But it is not within my range of competence to qualify each photograph as hoax or genuine. I am not claiming any kind of "truth," I have no desire to "convince" any one in any way, I have no certain "final word" explanation for most of the pictures presented here.

This section of the site is only intended as a recollection of such photographs and offers comments from various sources, "as is." I appreciate every precise information item you might offer.

Careful: some of these pictures are rather disturbing, even in the cases of proven hoaxes. Please do not enter this section if you are not willing to confront disturbing or frightening pictures.

Photographs that are not hoaxed but were misinterpreted:

Photographs that are admitted hoaxes:

Photographs of non-aliens later presented as true alien:

Photographs that are considered hoaxes but weren't admitted as such:

Photographs that are probably hoaxes:

Photographs with insufficient data:

Photographs with an interpretation problem:

Photographs that are debated:

Photographs that may be genuine:

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This page was last updated on September 8, 2007.