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Alleged photographs of ET beings:

Here is a collection of various photographs that are possibly not hoaxes, but pose interpretations problems that haven't been solved yet.


After gathering and investigating many alleged photographs of extraterrestrial beings, my overall impression is that most of them are proven hoaxes; some of the rest might be genuine or hoaxed. But it is not within my range of competence to qualify each photograph as hoax or genuine. I am not claiming any kind of "truth," I have no desire to "convince" any one in any way, I have no certain "final word" explanation for most of the pictures presented here.

This section of the site is only intended as a recollection of such photographs and offers comments from various sources, "as is." I appreciate every precise information item you might offer.

Careful: some of these pictures are rather disturbing, even in the cases of proven hoaxes. Please leave this page now if you are not willing to confront disturbing or frightening pictures.

Photographs with an interpretation problem:

Here is a collection of those photographs taken by probably honest people and that could be interpreted as showing extraterrestrial beings but for which this could also be an erroneous interpretation of something ordinary.


This image of a sort of what seems to be small a fuzzy silhouette behind a horse in a frequented park alley made some sensation. Nobody saw an extraterrestrial, not even dog standing on its rear legs there at the time. The good faith of photographer does not have to be questionned, he wondered whether perhaps he had photographed extraterrestrial, however the silhouette could be anything, such as a piece of paper carried by wind for example.


Indistinct, not seen when picture was taken:

This image - the version as published on the web is here, was accompanied by a short text stating only that it was taken at the approximate date of August 1994, at 08:30 p.m., in a place approximately 1 kilometer from Lagoa Comprida in Portugal, between the tower and the location Serra da Estrela. The picture was handed by Mrs. D. Ana Margarida Ascencio.

It was specified that at the time when it was taken, nothing was seen, which does not plead much for the notion that the very indistinct silhouette on the left is an alien being.


Indistinct, not seen when picture was taken:

January 14, 1995, in Kadima, Israel, a sector of flatened grass of 18 meters in diameter, quickly called a crop circle by foreign cerealogists, was found where UFO sightings had just been reported.

On a photograph taken later when ufologist Zvi Bighest measured the circle, he was amazed to discover far in the background two weird silhouettes, described by crop circle buffs as "two metallic forms with round and bald heads with an estimated size of three meters."

Weird things or characters, but enhancement does not make it possible, unfortunately, to be really sure of anything.



Another "President Bush's Alien":

Seen in a video report of a perfectly ordinary Press conference by G.W. Bush, this indistinct shape could be just anything and was apparently noticed by nobody during the Press conference. Will it cause a sensation?

More details and pictures here.


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