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Alleged photographs of ET beings:

Another "President Bush's alien" - 2007:

On August 31, 2007, George W. Bush Jr., President of the United States, held a perfectly ordinary Press conference in Rose Garden, talking about the mortgage crisis which strikes the housing sector in the United States.

Web surfers noticed on the video report, broadcast on the Reuters website and the PBS TV channel, more amused than really panicked, an "alien" behind the president!

It goes without saying that this apparently motionless thing, actually inside the house behind the glazed door while George Bush is on the outside, could be all and anything that by chance vaguely shows a silhouette reminiscent of the now traditional "short greys" which surfaced in popular folklore around the UFO issue.

Will this brand new "President Bush alien" cause a sensation?


Ci-dessus: Reuters. A droite: PBS.


Reuters PBS

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