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Alleged photographs of ET beings:

No photograph of an alleged alien being can be considered as a absolutely genuine. These photographs are photographs of alien beings for which there is no indication, or no indication yet, that they are hoaxed. They might be genuine. Maybe.


After gathering and investigating many alleged photographs of extraterrestrial beings, my overall impression is that most of them are proven hoaxes, some of the rest might be genuine or hoaxed. But it is not within my range of competence to qualify each photograph as hoax or genuine. I am not claiming any kind of "truth," I have no desire to "convince" any one in any way, I have no certain "final word" explanation for most of the pictures presented here.

This section of the site is only intended as a recollection of such photographs and offers comments from various sources, "as is." I appreciate every precise information item you might offer.

Careful: some of these pictures are rather disturbing, even in the cases of proven hoaxes. Please leave this page now if you are not willing to confront disturbing or frightening pictures.

Photographs that may be be genuine:

Salinas, 1980:

Two young people have reported that a saucer landed, from which a group of very small beings came out. The beings, astonishingly, did not care for the disproportion between their size and the size of the two young men and surrounded them, grabbing their pants. At one point, one of the terrified boys hit one being dead by smashing the alien head with a piece of wood he picked up. They brought the corpse back in Salinas, and the owner of a local funeral house preserved in it a jar of formaldehyde.

The picture is from the "Quest" picture library.

It later inspired many gift shop items.


Puerto Rico, 1979:

In 1979 or 1980, a named "Chino" Zayas met and killed this little creature in a cave, near Santiago of Puerto Rico. Rafael Baerga took a series of photographs of the being, which has been put out of his formaldehyde jar on the occasion.


Puerto Rico, 1979:

A close-up of the cranium of the creature presented above. Photographer Rafael Baerga wished to show the wound inflicted to the being's skull. The photographs have been made one or two years after the incident.

Here are the pictures in a larger format.


Filiberto Caponi:

In July 1993, radar in Rome and in the Marches detected a UFO, and the Italian Air Force allegedly destroyed it with 2 air-to-air missiles. The fragments fell in the canal of Monte Vettore near Arquata. The pilots saw 3 balls leaving the UFO before the explosion. Three days later, on 23 July, Filiberto Caponi, an Italian ceramist, claims to have met an alien creature several times outside his house in the same area in Pretare d'Arquata in the Abruzzi. He captured it on 6 Polaroid shots.


The photos that Caponi showed, the originals Polaroid machine, were and remain disturbing. They show, in sequence, the being in a various positions, seated, later nearly erected, in painful physical conditions. He seems of small dimensions, rather robust, with a skin that in the first pictures appears burnished and thick and in the last completely red. The photos were published by the Seen weekly magazine n.43, October 28, 1993, and then introduced on TV during the program "Your Facts" Friday, November 5, 1993.


Caponi was always consistent in his account, and has not sold but literally let free all the pictures. He then was formally accused by the Italian justice of "dissemination of false or exaggerated (sic) news to upset the public order" and they confiscated the photographic material. Because this occurred after the pictures were shown in several countries such as Spain and France, Italian investigators were totally puzzled and still do not understand today the late "confiscation" of the Polaroids by the Police. Later, the police restituted the pictures again, and several Italian reports and analysis tend to indicated that they do show an extraterrestrial being.

For a full account of the encounters and investigation, and the complete set of six Polaroid pictures scans, go here.


The alien of Ikley Moor, U-K.:

In March of 1999, FATE Magazine published this article about a creature photographed by a former policeman anonymous alleged abductee. The photo is dated early morning December 1, 1987. Notice the length of the arms on the creature. The photographer said the aliens had hands larger than his although their height only reached his stomach.

Here is the full information on this highly interesting case.


Alaska, USa, circa 1930:

B.J. Booth of the UFOCaseBook ufology website received this picture accompanied with an email titled Photograph taken by my grandfather" on August 14, 2003.

The sender said his grandfather took the photograph in the early 1930s and gave it to him and he immediately after he gave it last week. The sender wants to remain anonymous since he does not want "anything to do with any research or whatever on this."

He added "I know it looks like an alien or a Bigfoot and I know my grandfather was telling me the truth about him taking this picture. That's why I think it should be in the right hands. You are the only one I'm sending this to, so please respect my privacy and don't contact me about this."

Information was contained on the bottom of the image and told:

"The picture was taken in the early 1930s by the sender's grandfather, who lived in Alaska. The entity was first seen when the grandfather was on his way to a lake. He chased the entity until he got close enough to take this one picture. It was some four months before the photograph was developed, being in a remote, sparsely populated area. The sender received the picture from his grandfather only last week. His grandfather died the day after giving him the photo, and relating his story."

Full image here.


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