Possible ancient pictures of ET beings:

A collection of representations of possible alien beings before photography existed. These images might disturb the skeptics who argue that the notion of aliens beings visiting Earth is a recent western cultural creation due to science fiction imagery.

Egyptian or ET figure?


A very odd figure on an ancient Egyptian wall. From the book "In The Shadow Of The Pyramids - Egypt during the Old Kingdom", text by Jaromir Malek, photographs by Werner Forman (1986). The photo appears on page 76. The figure in question is at the bottom right of the mural. No comment is done on the figure in the book. Is this an alien or ...a vase? in 1988, the aegyptologist Louis caparat claimed he found an dead or hybernating humanoïd in a crystal-like coffin in a secret room of the great pyramid. Un papyrus trouvé à proximité raconterait sa rencontre avec le pharaon Khufu qu'il aurait convaincu de construire la grande pyramide pour lui servir de tombeau après lui avoir annoncé l'arrivée future d'autres aliens de son espèce. A found papyrus in the vicinity ellegedly tells his encounter with Pharaoh Khufu whom it would have convinced to build the Great Pyramid to be used to him as tomb, and he announced the future arrival of others aliens of his species. Is it a hoax or did he find the alien shown here?
Egyptian or ET figure?



Dated between 7000 and 2000 BC, this strange cave painting has been found by a joint Russian-Chinese mission in Fergana, en Ouzbekistan.

That's the caption generally attached to this picture. However, it is merely a painting by a Russian artist to illustrate an article about the possible "Ancient Astronaut" aspect of the Fergana caves prehistoric paintings. Here are the details about that.

ET à Sumer?
ET à Sumer?


Statuettes as old as 4000 years BC, some 10 to 15 centimetres high, carved by ancient Sumer artists. Humanoïd bodies with strange heads, large eyes. They are shown at the Baghdad museum.



Who are these tall dark silhouettes surrounding a frail human, oainted on Asutralian rocks by aborigenes, thousands of years ago? There are dozens of such paintings.

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