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ACUFO is my comprehensive catalog of cases of encounters between aircraft and UFOs, whether they are "explained" or "unexplained".

The ACUFO catalog is made of case files with a case number, summary, quantitative information (date, location, number of witnesses...), classifications, all sources mentioning the case with their references, a discussion of the case in order to evaluate its causes, and a history of the changes made to the file.

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 Date  Country  Place  Evaluation
January 31, 1916 U-K. Near Romford, Essex. Possible star Capella, insufficient information.
January 31, 1916 U-K. Near Rochford, Essex. Uncertain, possible misinterpretation.
1917 Belgium West of Belgium. Taboid invention.
January 1926 USA Between Wichita and Colorado Springs. High strangeness, unknown credibility.
Late September 1926 USA In Utah. Probably invented in 1994.
1931 U-K. In England. Totally insufficient information.
June 6, 1931 Australia Over the Tasman Sea. Possible extraterrestrial craft, or mirage.
1932 Greenland (Denmark) East coast of Greenland. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
July 5, 1933 U-K. In the Sussex. Probably invented in 1994.
October 10, 1936 Italy Over Formiche di Grosseto. Probable meteor.
1 janvier 1937 USA In Virginie. Possible extraterrestrial craft, lack of information.
1937 USA Near Buren, Missouri. Totally insufficient information.
March 23, 1940 Germany Cuxhaven. Insufficient information, possible meteor.
March 24, 1940 Germany Wesermünde. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
1941 Germany Over Germany. Probable invention od sensation publication.
January 1941 China In Manchuria. Totally insufficient information and credibility.
After June 1941 Russia On an airfield. Extraterrestrial craft or invention.
1942 Greenland (Denmark) Near Thule. Totally insufficient information.
March 14, 1942 Norway Near the Banak military airfield. High strangeness, unknown credibility.
March 25, 1942 Holland Over the Zuiderzee. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
May 17, 1942 Germany Onasbr ck, Germany. Possible meteor.
August 1942 Australia In the Bass Strait. Possible extraterrestrial craft, unknown credibility.
August 11, 1942 Germany, Belgium Near Aachen and Verviers. Unidentified, possible mix of different events.
September 1942 Japan In the Sea of Japan. Probable photo fault, no credibility.
November 1942 France Bay of Biscay. Unknown credibility.
November 28, 1942 Italy In the area of Turin. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 9, 1942 France The Somme estuary. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 10, 1942 France The Somme estuary. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
1943 Burma Burma. Without credibility.
1943 USA Arizona. Without credibility.
1943 Atlantic Ocean between USA and U-K. Possible extraterrestrial craft, uncertain reliability.
1943 Germany Over Germany. Sensation author invention.
January 5, 1943 Germany Over Kiel. Insufficient information.
January 15, 1943 France Over Cherbourg. Probable German flak.
March or April 1943 Tunisia Near Monastir. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
March 13, 1943 Italy Near Naples. Possible red Moon.
April 5, 1943 USA Long Beach. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
May 1943 France Over the English Channel. Unidentified.
May 12, 1943 Germany Duisburg. Probable meteor.
May 13, 1943 Germany Dortmund. Probable meteor.
May 13, 1943 Czech Republic Pilsen. Probable meteor.
May 27, 1943 Germany Essen. Possible engin extraterrestre.
September 1943 France In France. Insufficient information.
June 26, 1943 Germany Elbe estuary. Unidentified, totally insufficient information.
July 26, 1943 USA The Aleutian islands. Radar echoes of Flocks of birds.
Autumn 1943 Germany Peenem nde. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
September 1943 Russia Pushkino. Insufficient information.
September 6, 1943 Germany Stuttgart area. Possible fire bomb debris.
October 14, 1943 Germany Above Schweinfurt. Unidentified.
November 26, 1943 Germany Over Bremen. Unidentified, possible flares.
December 11, 1943 Germany Emden. Probable Messerschmitt Me-163 "Komet".
December 14, 1943 Italy Naples area. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 18, 1943 Germany Hamburg and other cities. Invention by author Henry Durrant.
End of 1943 Germany Center of Germany. Possible extraterrestrial craft, problem in the report.
End of 1943 Germany Bremen. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
1944 Ukraine On the Southwest of Ukraine. Possible extraterrestrial craft or invention.
1944 India Over India. Invention.
1944 South Atlantic ocean. Possible extraterrestrial visitors, unknown credibility.
1944 Romania Ploesti. Insufficient information, unknown credibility.
January 3, 1944 Germany Near Halberstadt. Unidentified.
January 5, 1944 Germany Over Kiel. Possible Me-163's, insufficient information.
January 27, 1944 Germany Near Berlin. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
January 28, 1944 France Probably over the South of France. Insufficient information.
February 1944 Australia Bass Strait. Possible extraterrestrial craft, possible invention.
February 3, 1944 Germany In Germany. Unidentified.
February 4, 1944 Holland Dutch coast. Probable flak.
February 4, 1944 Germany Over Francfort. Probable weather balloon.
February 8, 1944 Germany Over Francfort. Probable weather balloon.
February 19, 1944 Germany Over Aachen. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
February 19, 1944 Germany Koblenz. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
February 19, 1944 Germany Leipzig. Totally insufficient information.
February 25, 1944 France Saint-Quentin. Possible German barrage balloons.
March 1944 USA Near Yakima. Probable invention by UFO magazine.
March 1, 1944 USA Carlsbad. Probable meteor.
April 11, 1944 Germany Over Germany. Possible plane on flames, insufficient information.
April 25, 1944 France Over France. Unidentified, insufficient information.
April 26, 1944 France Above Essen. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
April 30, 1944 France Near Anzio. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
May 1944 Austria Over Austria. Totally insufficient an doubtful information.
May 1944 France The English Channel. Totally insufficient information, unknown credibility.
June 1944 Italy Near Bari. Insufficient information, unknown credibility.
June 1944 Italy Over Firenze. Possible extraterrestrial craft, insufficient information.
June 1944 Micronesia In the Marshall islands. Possible cloud radar echo.
June 6, 1944 France In Normandy. Possible German fighter plane, unknown credibility.
July 15, 1944 USA North of Tampa. Possible invention.
July 25, 1944 Germany Near Stuttgart. Extraterrestrial craft or searchlights.
Summer 1944 Italy In Italy. Totally insufficient information.
August 1, 1944 Romania Over Ploesti. Totally insufficient information, possible meteor.
August 10, 1944 Indonesia Palembang, Sumatra. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
August 12, 1944 France Back from La Pallice. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
August 13, 1944 Indonesia Kaoe Bay. Negative case, probable flare.
August 18, 1944 Italy Near Alfonsine. Probable radar chaff.
September 1944 Burma Over Burma. Insufficient credibility.
September 1944 Germany Over Germany. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
September 1944 Germany Over Germany. Insufficient information.
September 20, 1944 Italy In the Po valley. No strangeness.
September 20, 1944 Italy Near Florence. No strangeness, possible flares.
September 29, 1944 Germany Rechlin-Roggentin. Invention by author.
Autumn 1944 Germany Ovre Germany. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
October 1944 Germany In the Rhine valley. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
October 12, 1944 France Near Strasbourg. Unexplained, not necessarily related to UFOs.
October 25, 1944 Japan Near Omura. Possible balloon.
October 25, 1944 Japan Near Omura. Possible balloon.
October 25, 1944 Japan Near Omura. Possible balloons.
October 30, 1944 Germany Over Cologne. Insufficient information.
October 30, 1944 Germany Near Munich. Possible meteor or ball lightning.
November 1944 Germany Over Germany. Unidentified, insufficient information.
November 11, 1944 Malaisia Singapour. Possible plane or meteor.
November 5, 1944 Germany Near Aachen. Unidentified.
November 10, 1944 Japan Okayama. Possible misinterpretation.
November 22, 1944 Germany Coblence. Probable German jet planes.
November 22, 1944 Norway West-South-West of Trondheim. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
November 24, 1944 Austria, Italy Klagenfurt, Trieste. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
November 26, 1944 Germany Between Mannheim and Longvic. Insufficient information.
November 28, 1944 Germany Cologne. Probable Me-262 jet planes.
December 1944 France or Germany East of France or West of Germany. Totally insufficient information.
December 1944 Germany In Germany. Totally insufficient information.
December 1944 Germany Near Frankfurt. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 2, 1944 Italy Near Ghedi and Villafranca di Verona. Low strangeness or no strangeness.
December 5, 1944 Germany Rhine valley. Possible German plane.
December 17, 1944 Germany Near Lichtenau. Insufficient information, possible ground targets.
December 17, 1944 Germany Near Neufreistett. Insufficient information, probable ground targets.
December 17, 1944 Germany Near Karlsruhe. Low strangeness.
December 22, 1944 France or Germany. Low strangeness, probable enemy plane.
December 23, 1944 USA Between Blackstone and Richmond. Possible meteor, possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 23, 1944 France Near Sarrebourg. Possible plane.
December 24, 1944 Germany Near Karlsruhe. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 27, 1944 France 8 miles Northeast of Lun ville. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
December 28, 1944 Belgium Over the Ardennes. Probable V-2 rocket launch.
December 28, 1944 Germany Over Trier. Unidentified, insufficient information.
December 28, 1944 Germany On the Rhine valley. Possible extraterrestrial craft.
Winter 1944-1945 Germany West of Neustadt. Possible weather balloon.
Winter 1944-1945 France or Germany Rhine valley. Insufficient information.
1944-1945 Japan or China Japan or China od the Pacific Ocean. Probable reflection on cockpit.
1944-1945 Germany Over Germany. Possible extraterrestrial craft, sparse information.
May 3, 1945 Micronesia Frpm Truk Atoll to Guam. Possible extraterrestrial craft.

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