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ACUFO is my comprehensive catalog of cases of encounters between aircraft and UFOs, whether they are “explained” or “unexplained”.

The ACUFO catalog is made of case files with a case number, summary, quantitative information (date, location, number of witnesses...), classifications, all sources mentioning the case with their references, a discussion of the case in order to evaluate its causes, and a history of the changes made to the file.

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Elbe estuary, Germany, on June 25, 1943:

Case number:



Jan Aldrich, U.S. ufologist who manages the historical ufology Website Project 1947, noted in 1999 a case in the Elbe Estuary, in Germany, coming from an official military document of the 8th U.S. Army Air Force file, titles «Data on Unusual Objects and Missiles Encountered on missions», and dated February - May 1945.

The document indicated that a pilot of the 1st Air Division reported the sighting of 12 flat objects, 6 feet square, which felt like leaves. It was noted that there was o explosions.


Temporal data:

Date: June 25, 1943
Time: ?
Duration: ?
First known report date: February 1945
Reporting delay: Hours, 2 years.

Geographical data:

Country: Germany
State/Department: Lower Saxony
City or place: Cuxhaven

Witnesses data:

Number of alleged witnesses: 1
Number of known witnesses: 1
Number of named witnesses: 0

Ufology data:

Reporting channel: Report of the 8th U.S. Army Air Force.
Visibility conditions: ?
UFO observed: Yes.
UFO arrival observed: ?
UFO departure observed: ?
UFO action: Fell.
Witnesses action:
Photographs: No.
Sketch(s) by witness(es): No.
Sketch(es) approved by witness(es): No.
Witness(es) feelings: Puzzled.
Witnesses interpretation: ?


Sensors: [X] Visual: 1.
[ ] Airborne radar:
[ ] Directional ground radar:
[ ] Height finder ground radar:
[ ] Photo:
[ ] Film/video:
[ ] EM Effects:
[ ] Failures:
[ ] Damages:
Hynek: ?
Armed / unarmed: Armed.
Reliability 1-3: 2
Strangeness 1-3: 3
ACUFO: Unidentified, totally insufficient information.


[Ref. prt4:] JAN ALDRICH - "PROJECT 1947":

N - 1943.06.25 - Elbe Estuary, Germany.

1st Air Division, «12 flat objects, six feet square, fell like leaves.» No explosions noted. (Data on Unusual Objects & Missiles Encountered on Missions, 8th Air Force files, Feb-May 1945.)


1943, between February and May

Germany, Elbe estuary

(Source: 1943, June 25th - Germany, Elbe estuary) Members of the 1st Air Division reported 12 flat objects in the sky. They were six feet square and could not be identified as own or enemy planes or missiles. Source: Report on unusual objects & missiles encountered on Missions, 8th Air Force Files, Feb-May 1943) (anomalistic list: Heiner Gehring, Germany)



Case 19
June 25, 1943

Elbe Estuary, Germany

A pilot of the 1st Air Division reported the sighting of 12 flat objects (size 6 ft square) which felt like leaves. No explosions.

Sources: Project 1947, Jan Aldrich / Data on Unusual Objects and Missiles Encountered on missions, 8th Air Force Files, Feb-May 1945

Aircraft information:

No information on the aircraft from which this was observed is available.

At most, since apparently only one pilot witnessed this, one could speculate that it was perhaps a fighter plane rather than a bomber plane.



The available data on this observation is extremely poor.

We do not know whether the observation took place during the day or the night, we do not know the duration, we do not know anything about a possible observation distance, there is no angular size, and so on.

As a result, I have no idea what these twelve «flat objects» could be, they are «unidentified» to me, but do not seem to have been «craft» since they were falling, and the data is too poor to say more than this.


Unidentified, totally insufficient information.

Sources references:

* = Source is available to me.
? = Source I am told about but could not get so far. Help needed.

File history:


Main author: Patrick Gross
Contributors: None
Reviewers: None
Editor: Patrick Gross

Changes history:

Version: Create/changed by: Date: Description:
0.1 Patrick Gross October 7, 2023 Creation, [prt4], [dwn2].
1.0 Patrick Gross October 7, 2023 First published.
1.1 Patrick Gross November 15, 2023 Addition [gvo1].

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