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Astrobiology (or exobiology) is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe: extraterrestrial life, and life on Earth. Astrobiology questions whether life exists beyond Earth, and how humans could detect it if it does. Exobiology is more specifically the search for life beyond Earth, and the effects of extraterrestrial environments on living things.

Exobiology news are listed here.

Exobiology and UFOs?

Some may protest that exobiology had nothing to do with UFO sighting reports. Exobiology is supposed to be the study of life on other places and Earth, ufology is the study of UFO sighting reports. UFO sighting reports have a number of consensually accepted explanations, such as: hoaxes, misinterpretations of many natural or artificial phenomena. Some of the UFO sighting reports also have several controversial explanations; one of them being that of craft from alien civilizations.

This is why exobiology and ufology intersect, like it or not. Both are "controversial" in the sense that some people are certain that there is no life in the Universe outside Earth and some people are certain that all UFO sighting reports are never alien visitors craft. Other people think otherwise. some think that there is certainly or probably life outside Earth but no UFO sighting reports are aliens visitors craft. Some people think life certainly or probably exists elsewhere than Earth but none is "intelligent" or none is capable of traveling to Earth. In this section, I do not make claims about UFO sighting reports, I only deal with what we know or learn about the search for life outside Earth.

Exobiology itself, as I present it here, splits is several research areas:

The search for life outside Earth in the solar system:

Is there life on Mars? Was there life on Mars? Is Mars "hospitable" at all? Is there life on one or the other moons of Jupiter or Saturn? These issues were debated, then considered closed with the first missions of Mars (Mariner), now, these questions are very opened in the scientific community, and some scientists are already stating that there was life on Mars or there is still life on Mars.

Visit these sections of my website about this:

Curioisty rover on Mars

NASA picture of the Curiosity
rover on Mars.

The study of the conditions life tolerates:

Is it true that life cannot exist below 0░ C? What pressure, acidity, heat, cold, dryness conditions really do exclude life? By studying life in extreme conditions on our own planet, we can guess some things about the conditions for life elsewhere.



Bacteria colony
thriving in the ice.

The search for life on planets outside the solar system:

Is there even any planet outside the solar system? Are they rare, or numerous? What do they look like, are they hospitable? Is Earth an exceptional place for life? Are there "other earths" in our galaxy, and if so, how many?

See about these questions:

OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb artists's impression

Artist's impression
of the extrasolar planet
20,000 light-years from Earth.

Aliens on Earth?

I do not, here, write about those alleged UFO occupants - I do this in my URECAT catalogue and other places of this website.

Here, by "aliens on earth", I mean lifeforms currently found on Earth, without any dispute about their existence. But lifeforms that are so weird, that some people, including myself sometimes, wondered if they really originate from Earth.


The "water bear"
an alien on Earth?

The search for intelligent life in the Universe:

Is there intelligent life in the Universe outside Earth?

Are we alone or not? This is about the search for intelligent life, not just life, elsewhere in the Universe. Everyone I guess has heard about the SETI Project, but is it true that SETI shows that we are alone? Can SETI really detect radio signals from aliens? What about other ways to detect alien civilizations out there? What are the current progresses and findings in that area?


The Wow! signal

The "WOW!" signal.

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