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This section of my Website explains, among other things, that there is life on Mars, today. On July 29, 2001, a major event occurred. Scientists accepted this claim. Please read this announcement now.

Is there water on Mars? Is there liquid water on Mars? Was there life on Mars? Is there life on Mars in the present times? Most of you probably accepted the usual negative answer to that question. In this page you will learn a lot more on this topic. Prepare for some big surprises!


Latest Mars news:

Click! Latest Mars exobiology news.
Click! Latest news from the Mars Global Surveyor probe.
Click! Latest news from the Mars Odyssey probe.
Click! Latest news from the Mars express - Beagle 2 ESA mission.
Click! Latest news from the Mars Spirit and Opportunity probes.
Click! Latest news from the Exomars mission.

Premature, exagerated, but interesting announcements about the Martian chlorophyl.

The due 2003 UK Mars lander Beagle 2 will redo the mass spectrometry experiments of Viking.

Liquid water can persist on the surface of Mars, indicates study, september 2003.

September 2016: Mars had liquid water and melting snow a billion years longer than even thought possible, scientists say.

Do not miss these news.

There was, and there is, life on Mars:

The Mars water pages will convince you: valley carved by rivers, a polar cap, clouds, my favorite lake, The only question is, why did NASA wait up to June 2000 to mention it when it was all there thanks to the Viking missions in 1976 already?

There was life on Mars:

So many different clues were found inside a recently discovered martian meteorite.

This article from Scientific American witnesses the radical change of looks scientists give at Mars: a moon like cratered dust desert? Certainly not at all.

NASA director D. Goldin probably has little doubts about life on Mars, and released this official statement in 1996.

A Scottish teams discovers large coral-like fossil remains of microbial life forms on Mars. Yet another proof that life existed on Mars!

And finally on February 27, 2001 the scientific proof of past life on Mars is established and released.

There is life on Mars:

The general public considers that there is no life on Mars. But there is. Not only there was, but there is. This page will tell you the full story, a stunning and exact story.

As time goes by, there are more and more different proof of life on Mars at the present times. Here is the summary of the recent findings.

Will NASA at last confirm the fact that there is life on Mars?

The debate rages about alleged vegetation and glass pipes on Mars, Sir Arthur C. Clarke suddenly reveals himself as a new born believer, claims "we have enough photographic proofs of life on Mars now" in front of a speechless "Buzz" Aldrin, and gets censored.

A quick summary of the reasons of my "there is life on Mars" statement, as developed above:

And so on... All these points are developed in this section. Read it if in doubt.

NASA pictures from Mars:


Mars is the "red" planet, as we know it. Red rocks, red sky, red clouds, everything red. Is it really red? maybe not. Maybe the Mars pictures are just colorized red, so that they fit the usual picture.

Maybe the NASA officially colorizes the picture... Wouldn't it seem a little strange for the general public if the Martian skies would look ... blue?

Click! So why not just have a look at Mars in real colors now. Or go directly to this collection of references about this topic.

Click!And here are my latest arguments and conclusions; a summary of the directions I explored, answers to objections, and ... back to NASA raw data.

Anomalies on Mars?

The Face was over-mentioned, but there really is more than meets the eye on Mars. And at every minute, a new stunning picture such as this one can be captured.

A meaningful logo:

Discover the interesting new logo NASA chose for the missions to explore Mars.

Exobiology in other places of the solar system:

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