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Anomalies on Mars?

The first pictures sent by the first probes to Mars were completely disappointing: Mars is just like the moon, only bigger and colored in red. This perspective quite changed quite in the recent years.

The Face The Face, surrounded by harsh controversies: depending on the pictures and the studies, it sometimes is just a shadowplay, sometimes an artificial construction. The most recent images indicate that the Face is a natural formation.
Cydonia Cydonia, a puzzling gathering of five side pyramidal mounts and strange shapes. Not far from the "Face", the "star city" of Cydonia generates the wildest fantasies and piles of statistical studies.
Inca City Inca City, quite obviously a construction by the Martian winds. For some, it is more than this, a true Martian "Machupichu".
Martian ufo? Ufos on Mars? An impressive series of photographs show for instance luminous objects in movement above the martian surface. Camera faults or genuine flying saucers?
Anomalies Numerous other anomalies are less popular. Among ufo landing tracks, constructions and mining sites, the choice is broad.

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This page was last updated on February 27, 2001.