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Anomalies on Mars?

Besides Cydonia Mensae and the "Face", there are numerous stunning anomalies on Mars. Nothing is certain one way or another, but there certainly are some investigations to lead further about the red planet.

This next image was captured by Mariner 9. NASA personnel had no idea at the time what the formation could have been, if it is a geologic formation, or even how it may have been formed. There are theories in an attempt to explain this feature, but they are theories none-the-less. So we are left with an anomaly. This may or may not be a melted permafrost layer as NASA has indicated.

Mars anomaly

Mariner 9 picture, from frame 4209-75. You will find more information I have collected on this picture in this page.


In order to better understand the structure, a model was constructed from foam and plaster. Note the rectangular "ductwork" which both enters and exits the object... could this be some sort of "pumping station" for liquid water? It would be interesting to find an MGS image of the same area!

This image was scanned from a February 1973 National Geographic article about Mariner 9. Its author, Kenneth F. Weaver (assistant editor) indicated the following about this particular frame: "Mariner's pictures pinpoint many irregular dark splotches, as well as long roughly parallel streaks, both dark and light, streaming away from craters, ridges, or hills. Careful examination shows that areas covered with these splotches and streaks coincide with some of the classical markings of Mars."

Parallel lines

Very little more was said about this phenomenon except to imply that it is caused by the wind exposing lighter or darker substrate. The astute observer will no doubt notice absolutely straight line features that appear to intersect at right angles.

Parallel lines

"The Citadel" is a very strange object located South of the D&M Pyramid in Cydonia Mensae. It appears to be composed of two geodesic domes under a common cover. The East face is open, and shows symmetrical internal structure. Directly in front of this object and aligned with the rising sun is a small pyramid flanked by two obelisk-like projections. Two other objects, similar in shape to The Citadel, lie equally spaced on an East-West line.

The Citadel

There are dozens of other anomalies, among them:


Strange regular tracks running on for miles, passing between rocks on the right of this picture.


One of the three equilateral triangular features spotted by researchers, this one is from F049A20 picture on the NSSDC cdrom.


A series of chained craters, aligned together, and of different shape than the usual Martian craters. Compare with the one on the left.


Another strange shape.

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