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Life on Mars:

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2001: scientists say Mars viking missions found life on Mars:

It took 25 years to the scientific community to recognize it. It was explained on my site 2 years ago.

There is life on Mars, now.

For those who have correctly read the content of the Mars section of this site, this is nothing new.

For those who are not familiar with the context explained in my site, here is the explanation, again, in a simplified manner:

In 1976, the Viking probe landed on Mars, carrying a set of experiments devised to detect if there is or if there isn't life on Mars. The main experiment (the LR experiment) detected life. Another experiment wrongly detected that there cannot be life on Mars because it detected no organic matter on Mars - a scientific joke in itself.

Since 1976, Dr. Gilbert Levin who devised the LR experiment has tried to convince the rest of the scientific community that his experiment detected life, and that the experiment that could not detect organic matter on Mars simply was a faulty experiment, which, reproduced on Earth, could not even detect organic matter on Earth.

Dr. Gilbert Levin also addressed correctly all the other "reasons" that were put forth to claim that there is no life on Mars.

I have become aware of Dr. Gilbert Levin's claims through a TV interview 3 years ago, and later by reading his papers and studies from the web site of his company, and reported about it over in my web site, which generated a flow of email correspondence of people of all kinds of background, who had read it, and were in general impressed with my presentation, and sometimes also dubious, without being really able to tell in what aspect my presentation could be wrong.

Today, several newswires have titled "Scientists Say Mars Viking Mission Found Life."

Several scientists have found compelling evidence that Viking Mars landers did indeed discover life on Mars in 1976. They agree that a re-examination of findings relayed to Earth by the probes some 25 years ago show the tell-tale signs of microbes lurking within the Martian soil.

The researchers will unveil their views Sunday, July 29, at a session on astrobiology, held during the SPIE's 46th annual International Society for Optical Engineering meeting in San Diego, California.

Today, my feeling is a feeling of great joy. These last two years, I have acquired the certainty that there is indeed life on Mars, today, not just in the past, but I have noted that this certainty was generally not shared by the scientific community as a whole, and absolutely not share by the general public, as a result of media ignorance. I have always felt that it is of no importance, because it will only be a matter of one or two years to become common knowledge that there is life on Mars.

What I want to tell my visitors now is: read again my pages on Mars. They need no update today. They tell the story. They tell the story correctly since the beginning.

And read the rest of the information I publish in the site. Because, with a little more time...

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