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Life on Mars:

NASA to announce discovery about Mars:

December 2, 2000.

Two Mars specialists scientists who found evidence of recent water flows on Mars will soon present "their most significant discovery yet," NASA said Friday 12.01.2000.

Michael Malin and Ken Edgett will announce their finding at NASA headquarters on December 7. A space agency spokesperson declined to give details.

Malin and Edgett are conducting an extensive study of high-resolution pictures of Mars, taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor satellite over the past several years.

The two planetary geologists shocked space scientists in June when they unveiled dramatic photos of steeply eroded gullies and crater walls on Mars, which they said strongly suggested that water flowed near the surface of Mars in its recent geologic past.

That finding is significant, since it bolsters the odds that NASA is starting to admit that Mars may have once or still may yet been an abode for life.

The Mars section of this site has published many scientific evidence since months that present life on Mars is a reality.

NASA offered only scant details about Thursday's meeting, but top agency scientists and managers will be in attendance, including Ken Nealson, director of the Center for Life Detection at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Operated by Malin Space Science Systems, the camera aboard the Mars Global Surveyor has taken more than 50,000 pictures of the planet. Surveyor has orbiting Mars since September 1997.

Malin and Edgett's new findings will be published in the December 8 issue of Science Magazine.

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