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Exobiology news are spread among other news pages in my news section and elsewhere; this page lists those news.

07.29.2018Liquid water ponds under Mars ice had already been theoretically found in 1987.
07.25.2018Mars Express detects liquid water pond under Mars' South Pole ice layer.
07.23.2018New study suggest deep dig may not be necessarily to find evidence of life on Europa.
07.15.2018Ross 128B, one of the closest exoplanets, may be habitable.
07.05.2018Complex organic molecules found on Saturns moon Enceladus.
01.20.2018Curiosity rover spots weird tiny structures on Mars.
01.12.2018Crucial ingredients for life found in meteorites that fell to Earth
01.12.2018Organic molecule benzonitrile detected in space
06.09.2017Methyl isocyanate detected in young stars system IRAS 16293-2422.
06.02.2017Curiosity rover science team finds Mars Gale crater lake simultaneously had different conditions favorable for different types of microbes.
05.31.2017Lighter-toned bedrock indicate Mars had liquid water much longer than previously believed..
05.22.2017Aliens at work on Tabby's star?
04.19.2017A "Super-Earth" orbiting a nearby star found.
04.13.2017Molecular hydrogen clue of hydrothermal activity on Enceladus.
04.13.2017Hubble space telescope spots a plume again on Europe.
04.06.2017Atmosphere detected around super-Earth exoplanet.

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