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Roswell 1947 - Roswell before Roswell

After the original incident of the "flying disc debris" found near Roswell in 1947 was explained the next day as balloon debris by the Army Air Force, what would become the Roswell incident was, we are told, completely forgotten until 1978, when Major Jesse Marcel, intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Base, came forward to claim that the debris were not from a balloon, but of something from another world.

But it is not totally true that "Roswell" had totally disappeared between these two moments...

Look Magazine, 1967:

Roswell researcher David Rudiak ( found this article about UFOs published in Look Magazine in 1967.

The caption next to the photo says:

"The year 1947 was the beginning of most American UFO sightings. At that time military authorities believed that many of the objects seen actually were weather balloons. In 1947, the Navy launched several objects such as this with four balloons and tin-foil covered reflectors to measure wind velocities by radar. When the wreckage of one of these was recovered in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1947, it was at first thought to be part of a flying saucer."

The photo in the article came from here.

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