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Additions to this website in 2014:

This page is for you to spot and visit addition to this site. It also serves as a publication diary, to know how the site has evolved.

Please be sure to also visit the news section of this website, the right place to get breaking news regarding UFOs and the search for extra-terrestrial life.

See the updates for these years:


12.22.2014ALSACAT: In Fortschwihr en 1954.
12.21.2014ALSACAT: In Wittenheim in 1954.
12.20.2014ALSACAT: Between Mulhouse and Altkirch in 2012.
12.20.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse in 2012.
12.19.2014ALSACAT: Between Guémar and Sélestat in 2002.
12.19.2014ALSACAT: On the Ungersberg in 2002.
12.18.2014ALSACAT: In the Bas-Rhin in 2001.
12.17.2014ALSACAT: Near Bartenheim in 2002.
12.17.2014ALSACAT: Strasbourg in 2000, updated.
12.16.2014ALSACAT: Near Rixheim in 2002.
12.15.2014ALSACAT: Near Hirtzbach in 2002.
12.14.2014ALSACAT: In Illzach in 2002.
12.14.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg in 2000.
12.13.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg in 2000.
12.13.2014ALSACAT: In Andolsheim in 2003.
12.13.2014ALSACAT: At the Hochkoenigsburg in 2003.
12.12.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg in 2000.
12.12.2014ALSACAT: In the Bas-Rhin in 2001.
12.11.2014ALSACAT: In Durlinsdorf in 2004.
12.11.2014ALSACAT: In Rixheim in 2004.
12.10.2014ALSACAT: At the Grand Ballon in 2004.
12.10.2014ALSACAT: In Wintzenheim in 2004.
12.10.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse in 2004.
12.09.2014ALSACAT: In Wittenheim in 2004.
12.08.2014ALSACAT: Near Mulhouse in 2004.
12.08.2014ALSACAT: Near Mulhouse in 2003.
12.07.2014ALSACAT: Near Entzheim, Molsheim, in 2005.
12.07.2014ALSACAT: In the Bas-Rhin in 2005.
12.06.2014ALSACAT: In Innenheim in 2005.
12.06.2014ALSACAT: In Osthoffen in 2005.
12.06.2014ALSACAT: In the Bas-Rhin in 2005.
12.05.2014ALSACAT: In Colmar in 2005.
12.05.2014ALSACAT: In Lixhausen in 2005.
12.05.2014ALSACAT: Towards Saverne in 2005.
12.05.2014ALSACAT: Near Altkirch in 2005.
12.04.2014ALSACAT: Near the Basel - Mulhouse airport in 2005.
12.04.2014ALSACAT: In Bouxwiller in 2005.
12.03.2014ALSACAT: In Landersheim in 2008.
12.03.2014ALSACAT: In Hégenheim in 2006.
12.03.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg in 2005.
12.03.2014ALSACAT: In Illkirch-Graffenstaden in 2006.
12.02.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg in 2006.
12.02.2014ALSACAT: Near Mulhouse in 2005.
12.01.2014ALSACAT: In the Haut-Rhin in 2011.
12.01.2014ALSACAT: In Haguenau in 2011.
12.01.2014ALSACAT: In Alsace or in Freibourg in 2011.
11.30.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg in 2008.
11.29.2014ALSACAT: From Lutterbach in 2008.
11.29.2014ALSACAT: Near Duttlenheim in 2008.
11.28.2014ALSACAT: On the Vieil-Armand in 1957.
11.28.2014ALSACAT: In Krafft 2011.
11.28.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse in 2012.
11.27.2014ALSACAT: In Staffelfelden.
11.27.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse in 1958.
11.27.2014ALSACAT: From Strasbourg and Brumath in 1959.
11.26.2014ALSACAT: Near Schleithal, in 1955.
11.26.2014ALSACAT: Mulhouse - Dornach, in 1956.
11.25.2014France 1954: Le Vézenay, Upd.
11.25.2014The Press: Sud-Ouest November 27, 1979.
11.25.2014The Press: Sud-Ouest November 28, 1979.
11.25.2014The Press: Sud-Ouest November 29, 1979.
11.24.2014ALSACAT: In Kientzheim in 1955.
11.24.2014The Press: Samedi Soir, 1954.
11.24.2014France 1954: Graulhet, MàJ.
11.23.2014ALSACAT: North of the Vosges in 2009.
11.22.2014ALSACAT: In Sundhoffen in 1955.
11.21.2014ALSACAT: In the Kastenwald forest in 1955.
11.19.2014ALSACAT: Russ, 2011.
10.29.2014ALSACAT: Bourgheim, 1954.
10.29.2014ALSACAT: Colmar, 1954.
10.29.2014ALSACAT: Saverne, 1954.
10.28.2014ALSACAT: Cernay, 1954.
10.27.2014ALSACAT: Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, 1954.
10.25.2014ALSACAT: Bergheim, 1954.
10.24.2014ALSACAT: In Bollwiller, 1954.
10.24.2014ALSACAT: In Guebwiller, 1954.
10.24.2014ALSACAT: In Colmar, 1947.
10.24.2014ALSACAT: In Lapoutroie, 1947.
10.24.2014ALSACAT: In Sélestat, 1947.
10.22.2014France 1954: Qarouble, Upd.
10.21.2014ALSACAT: In Heiteren in 1954.
10.19.2014The Press: La Résistance de l'Ouest, October 9, 1954.
10.17.2014France 1954: In the Nord.
10.16.2014France 1954: Amigny-Rouy, Upd.
10.15.2014ALSACAT: Le Grumbach, 1954.
10.15.2014ALSACAT: Sarrre-Union 2014, update.
10.14.2014France 1954: In the Nord, Upd.
10.14.2014France 1954: Saint-Perdoux, Upd.
10.10.2014France 1954: Erbray, Upd.
10.04.2014France 1954: Ligescourt, Upd.
10.04.2014France 1954: Jussey, Upd.
10.04.2014France 1954: Croix-d'Epine, Upd.
10.03.2014France 1954: Bressuire, Upd.
10.03.2014France 1954: Diges, Upd.
10.03.2014France 1954: Tromborn, Upd.
10.02.2014France 1954: Ottonville, Upd.
10.02.2014France 1954: Lugrin, Upd.
10.02.2014France 1954: Cenon, Upd.
09.30.2014France 1954: Saint-Dizier, Upd.
09.30.2014France 1954: Wassy, Upd.
09.29.2014France 1954: Chaleix, Upd.
09.28.2014France 1954: Jonches, Upd.
09.27.2014France 1954: Mertrud, Upd.
09.27.2014France 1954: Nessier, MàJ.
09.27.2014The Press: La Haute-Marne Libérée, October 13, 1954.
09.26.2014The Press: L'Ardennais, October 14, 1954.
09.26.2014France 1954: Ronsenac, Upd.
09.25.2014France 1954: Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Upd.
09.25.2014The Press: Le Dauphiné Libéré, October 8, 1954.
09.25.2014The Press: Le Rouergue Républicain, October 16, 1954.
09.24.2014France 1954: Perpignan, Upd.
09.24.2014The Press: La Croix, October 2, 1954.
09.23.2014The Press: Liberté Dimanche, October 17, 1954.
09.23.2014France 1954: Saint-Etienne-sous-Barbuise, Upd.
09.23.2014France 1954: Derval, Upd.
09.22.2014The Press: Le Haut-Marnais Républicain, October 20, 1954.
09.22.2014The Press: Le Petit Varois, October 19, 1954.
09.21.2014The Press: Le Havre, October 13, 1954.
09.21.2014The Press: Le Provençal, October 8, 1954.
09.20.2014The Press: Le Haut-Marnais Républicain, October 18, 1954.
09.20.2014The Press: Centre-Matin, October 21, 1954.
09.20.2014The Press: France-Soir, October 24, 1954.
09.19.2014The Press: France-Soir, October 24, 1954.
09.19.2014The Press: La Résistance de l'Ouest, October 27, 1954.
09.18.2014The Press: La Croix du Nord, October 24, 1954.
09.18.2014The Press: L'ImpartialAugust 27, 1954.
09.17.2014The Press: Le Républicain, November 24, 1954.
09.17.2014The Press: Centre-Matin, October 5, 1954.
09.17.2014The Press: Le Lorrain, October 7, 1954.
09.17.2014France 1954: Saint-Ambroix, upd.
09.17.2014France 1954: Chambois, upd.
09.16.2014The Press: La Liberté de l'Est, October 25, 1963.
09.16.2014The Press: La Liberté de l'Est, October 21, 1963.
09.16.2014The Press: La Liberté de l'Est, February 1, 1963.
09.16.2014The Press: La Liberté de l'Est, July 25, 1963.
09.16.2014The Press: La Liberté de l'Est, May 30, 1963.
09.15.2014The Press: New York Times, February 30, 1953.
09.15.2014The Press: Detroit Times, November 11, 1953.
09.15.2014The Press: Le Méridional, September 19, 1953.
09.14.2014The Press: Var-Matin, December 18, 1953.
09.14.2014The Press: Le Méridional, December 12, 1953.
09.14.2014The Press: New York Times, January 24, 1953.
09.13.2014France 1954: Avesnes-les-Aubert.
09.13.2014France 1954: Lombez, upd..
09.13.2014France 1954: Blanzy, upd..
09.13.2014The Press: Le Méridional, December 15, 1953.
09.13.2014The Press: New York Times, November 20, 1953.
09.13.2014The Press: Var-Matin, December 19, 1953.
09.13.2014The Press: Le Provençal, December 18, 1953.
09.13.2014The Press: New York Times, November 14, 1953.
09.13.2014The Press: New York Times, November 12, 1953.
09.13.2014The Press: Var-Matin, November 22, 1953.
09.12.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, September 11, 1987.
09.12.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 14, 1980.
09.12.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 15, 1980.
09.12.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 13, 1980.
09.12.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 11, 1980.
09.11.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, March 25, 1980.
09.11.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, March 15, 1980.
09.10.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, August 29, 1985.
09.10.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, August 24, 1985.
09.10.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 19, 1985.
09.10.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, March 17, 1980.
09.10.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg, 1953.
09.10.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg, 1953.
09.09.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 4, 1985.
09.09.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, February 27, 1985.
09.09.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, December 4, 1984.
09.09.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, December 28, 1980.
09.08.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, November 15, 1984.
09.08.2014The Press: Sud Ouest, November 19, 1984.
09.05.2014Stars and Stripes 1944: a new German weapon?.
09.04.2014Newsweek 1944: the silver spheres mystery.
09.04.2014NYTS 1944: silver spheres have no effects.
09.03.2014ALSACAT: Near Strasbourg.
08.26.2014ALSACAT: Above Strasbourg.
08.25.2014ALSACAT: Near Strasbourg.
08.24.2014ALSACAT: From Kaysersberg to Lapoutroie.
08.23.2014ALSACAT: Near Strasbourg.
08.22.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
08.22.2014ALSACAT: In Wasselonne.
08.21.2014ALSACAT: In Heiligenstein.
08.21.2014ALSACAT: Near Sarre-Union.
08.21.2014ALSACAT: From Obernai.
08.20.2014ALSACAT: Colmar.
08.20.2014ALSACAT: Kientzheim.
08.20.2014ALSACAT: Schiltigheim.
08.20.2014ALSACAT: Kaysersberg.
08.19.2014ALSACAT: Lautenbach.
08.19.2014ALSACAT: Lautenbach.
08.19.2014ALSACAT: Lautenbach.
08.18.2014ALSACAT: Near Neuf-Brisach.
08.18.2014ALSACAT: Thann, update.
08.18.2014ALSACAT: Schauenberg, update.
08.17.2014ALSACAT: From Herbitzheim.
08.17.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse.
08.17.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
08.16.2014ALSACAT: From Ittenheim.
08.15.2014ALSACAT: From Obernai.
05.03.2014ALSACAT: From Colmar.
05.03.2014ALSACAT: From Colmar.
05.02.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
05.01.2014ALSACAT: In Obersaasheim.
05.01.2014ALSACAT: In Heidolsheim.
04.30.2014ALSACAT: In Colmar.
04.30.2014ALSACAT: In Wintzenheim.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Masevaux.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Haguenau.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Eguisheim.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Niederhaslach.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Wissembourg.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
04.29.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
04.28.2014ALSACAT: Near Andlau.
04.28.2014ALSACAT: In Thann.
04.27.2014ALSACAT: Between Bisheim and Neuf Brisach.
04.27.2014ALSACAT: Between Niffer and Kembs.
04.26.2014ALSACAT: Near Battenheim.
04.26.2014ALSACAT: Near Eguisheim.
04.26.2014ALSACAT: In Habsheim.
04.25.2014ALSACAT: In Lapoutroie.
04.25.2014ALSACAT: At La Tête des Faux.
04.25.2014ALSACAT: On the Rossberg.
04.24.2014ALSACAT: In Heimersdorf.
04.24.2014ALSACAT: At the Zinnkoepfle.
04.24.2014ALSACAT: From Logelbach.
04.23.2014ALSACAT: In Andlau.
04.23.2014ALSACAT: On the Haut-Koenigsbourg.
04.22.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
04.21.2014ALSACAT: In Ohlungen.
04.20.2014ALSACAT: In Triembach-au-Val.
04.12.2014ALSACAT: In Molsheim.
04.12.2014ALSACAT: In Haguenau.
04.11.2014ALSACAT: From Rohrwiller.
04.10.2014ALSACAT: In Walheim.
04.09.2014ALSACAT: In Thann.
04.09.2014ALSACAT: In Mittelbergheim.
04.08.2014ALSACAT: From Sobache.
04.08.2014ALSACAT: From Colmar.
04.07.2014ALSACAT: At the Markstein, lac Bleu, Thann.
04.06.2014ALSACAT: In Tagolsheim.
04.05.2014ALSACAT: From the forest of Dambach.
04.05.2014ALSACAT: From Aubure.
04.04.2014ALSACAT: In Colmar.
04.03.2014ALSACAT: In Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine.
04.03.2014ALSACAT: In Illzach.
04.02.2014ALSACAT: In Haguenau.
04.02.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse.
04.02.2014ALSACAT: In Duntzenheim.
04.02.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
04.01.2014ALSACAT: From Aspach-le-Haut.
04.01.2014ALSACAT: In Rixheim.
03.31.2014ALSACAT: Near Thannenkirch.
03.31.2014ALSACAT: In Kingersheim.
03.30.2014ALSACAT: Between Plobsheim and Erstein.
03.29.2014ALSACAT: From Illkirch-Graffenstaden.
03.29.2014ALSACAT: Near Griesheim-près-Molsheim.
03.28.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse.
03.28.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse.
03.27.2014ALSACAT: Near Willer.
03.26.2014ALSACAT: In Murbach.
03.25.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
03.25.2014ALSACAT: In Munster.
03.24.2014ALSACAT: In Bruebach.
03.24.2014ALSACAT: From Kingersheim.
03.23.2014ALSACAT: In Alsace.
03.23.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse - Hochstatt.
03.22.2014ALSACAT: In Koenigshoffen, Strasbourg.
03.22.2014ALSACAT: From the Ecomusée near Ungersheim.
03.21.2014ALSACAT: In Saint-Louis.
03.20.2014ALSACAT: Near Schwindratzheim.
03.20.2014ALSACAT: From Ostwald.
03.19.2014ALSACAT: In the Haut-Rhin.
03.19.2014ALSACAT: In Colmar.
03.18.2014ALSACAT: From Heimsbrunn.
03.18.2014ALSACAT: From Morschwiller.
03.18.2014ALSACAT: In Wittenheim.
03.17.2014ALSACAT: From Molsheim.
03.17.2014ALSACAT: From Lapoutroie.
03.16.2014ALSACAT: From Souffelweyersheim.
03.16.2014ALSACAT: From Illkirch-Graffenstaden.
03.15.2014ALSACAT: In Uberach.
03.15.2014ALSACAT: In the Vosges near Fellering.
03.14.2014ALSACAT: In Erstein.
03.14.2014ALSACAT: In Oberbruck.
03.13.2014ALSACAT: On the Schauenberg.
03.13.2014ALSACAT: On a path to Drusenheim.
03.13.2014ALSACAT: In Hochstatt.
03.12.2014ALSACAT: From the Engelburg mannor.
03.11.2014ALSACAT: In Andolsheim.
03.11.2014ALSACAT: In Mulhouse.
03.10.2014ALSACAT: From Eschau.
03.10.2014ALSACAT: From Champenay.
03.08.2014ALSACAT: From Rountzenheim.
03.08.2014ALSACAT: From Ruelisheim.
03.07.2014ALSACAT: From Kertzfeld, Hilsenheim, Sélestat, and Urmat.
03.07.2014ALSACAT: In Strasbourg.
03.06.2014ALSACAT: Between Masevaux and Lauw, 2014.
03.06.2014ALSACAT: Between Horbourg-Wihr and Houssen, 2014.
03.06.2014ALSACAT: Between Mommenheim and Schwindratzheim.
03.06.2014ALSACAT: From Osenbach, 2014.
03.06.2014ALSACAT: From Hoenheim, 2014.
03.06.2014ALSACAT: From Krautergersheim, 2013.

See the updates for these years:


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