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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in France, 1980:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Sud Ouest, France, on February 11, 1980.



The 06:30 p.m. U.F.O.

TWO THINGS unidentified - perhaps a single UFO - Were spotted Friday at the same hour, in the southwestern sky.

Friday night, 30 to 18 hours a bright object crossed dusk north of the Dordogne. The phenomenon described, according to many accounts, like a ball of fire the size of a large football. or as a fairly large object. whitish or greenish color, followed by a trail of the same color, rapidly evolving on a trajectory northwest-southeast.

The object was also observed at the same time by many angoumoisins and was seen by the services of the airport of Brive (Corr ze).

Later, in the evening. a fixed object emitting bright flashes would be "parked" over Vars (Charente), where he was seen by residents.

We reported in our editions on Saturday, in what circumstances a family of Montussan, Gironde, had noticed in the sky, at the same time on Friday, a strange glowing object heading towards the ground at high speed. This curious "shooting star" in green hues left perplexed witnesses who saw him and the assumption of a fragment of meteorite entering the atmosphere could not be ruled out.

Yesterday we reached a new witness who appears entirely confirm the first. At the same time that Montussan, always at 18 h 30, a girl saw the phenomenon from the district Dorat Begles: a green ball coming down to earth by sparks. This girl thought it could be a homemade rocket type fireworks, drawn by a kid from the ground, one of which ended firecrackers burst in the fall. This is at least the assumption that advance in the absence of any certainty.

It is true that in this field, the certainties are hard to acquire.

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