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UFOs in the daily Press:

The UFO phenomenon in the newspapers, a collection of newspaper articles reporting UFO observations or UFO related information, by local and national newspapers from all countries. These articles are linked from their respective dossier on this site. This page is to answer the claim "if UFOs existed, they would be in the newspaper." (Other sections of this site answer the claim "people believe in UFOs because of the newspapers.")

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Years 1980 TO 1989:

Le Provençal France, December 7, 1989 "Squadrons of UFOs in the Belgium sky".
Le Provençal France, November 12, 1989 "Digne: Huge UFO".
Le Courrier de l'Ouest France, October 10, 1989 "A UFO said to have landed in the Soviet Union".
Japan Times Japan, September 23, 1989 "Ufo seen over Kazanawa".
Le Parisien France, February 9, 1989 "UFO in Toulouse".
Le Méridional France, February 9, 1989 "Unidentified object in the Haute-Garonne".
Sud Ouest France, February 9, 1989 "Haute-Garonne: unidentified flying object".
Cleveland Plain Dealer USA, July 12, 1988 "Space case: The night the Coast Guard got buzzed".
The Flushing Observer USA, April 24, 1988 "UFO: investigators suspect national security pinch," article narrating George Coyne and friends concerns of phone taping and black helicopter.
The Chronicle USA, February 24, 1988 "UFO's - Seeing is believing for local resident".
Sud Ouest France, September 11, 1987 "Loire-Atlantique: Was it a UFO?"
East Oregonian USA, June 24, 1987 "Stories of UFOs started in Pendleton 40 years ago"
Le Méridional France, September 24, 1986 "UFOs are in Paris...".
Vincennes Sun-Commercial USA, August 17, 1986 "Locals learn Knox County has UFO 'hot spot'".
Le Méridional France, August 2, 1986 "A UFO in the sky...".
Le Provençal France, July 12, 1986 "UFOs on holiday?"
The Daily Telegraph U-K., July 7, 1986 "The puzzle of the mysterious corn circles".
Sud Ouest France, August 29, 1985 "Morbihan: The Gendarmes and the U.F.O."
Sud Ouest France, August 24, 1985 "Chile: A U.F.O. shut down the power."
Le Figaro France, February 28, 1985 "Saucers are also flying in URSS".
Sud Ouest France, February 19, 1985 "A UFO in Saint-Martin-d'Arossa".
Sud Ouest France, February 27, 1985 UFO in the Saint-Etienne region.
Sud Ouest France, February 4, 1985 UFO or meteor in Eastern France.
Sud Ouest France, February 4, 1985 UFO or meteor in Eastern France.
Sud Ouest France, December 4, 1984 UFO or meteor in Eastern France.
Sud Ouest France, November 19, 1984 UFO seen in Saintes, France.
Sud Ouest France, November 15, 1984 UFO seen in Niort, France.
Provo Daily Herald USA, August 31, 1983 "Mexican farmer again growing giant vegetables".
Le Méridional France, June 8, 1983 "UFO: Gleams in the skies of Marignane, Paris and Bordeaux".
Daily Spectrum USA, May 29, 1983 "Secret of huge vegetables revealed.
Carlisle Sentimel USA, May 28, 1983 "Green Thumb 'secret' told".
Tuscaloosa News USA, March 6, 1983 "Former UFO 'subject' recalls experiences".
L'Alsace France, November 14, 1982 "The Hardt UFO".
L'Alsace France, November 3, 1982 "New UFO case in the Hardt".
Le Provençal France, October 20, 1982 "Encounter of the third kind in a corn field".
Le Méridional France, August 15, 1982 "Landing of an incendiary U.F.O."
Le Midi Libre France, August 15, 1982 "A mysterious ball of fire in night at the station".
Gazeta do Povo Brazil, August 10, 1982 "Residents of Paraná surprised by the appearance of a flying object".
Le Méridional France, February 25, 1982 "UFO in the sky of the Loire".
L'Est Républicain France, February 15, 1982 "UFO observed by policemen".
L'Alsace France, Ferbuary 14, 1982 "A UFO in the sky of Mulhouse yesterday morning?"
Le Méridional France, November 12, 1981 "'Green light' above Marseilles".
L'Alsace France, October 10, 1981 "Five UFO in Modenheim?"
Le Provençal France, September 25, 1981 "Avignon: they saw a car disappear in a cloud".
Le Provençal France, September 21, 1981 "UFO last night on Avignon?"
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, August 23, 1981 "A UFO in the sky of Colmar?"
L'Alsace France, March 4, 1981 "A "light in the mountain".
Le Méridional France, January 20, 1981 "The mysteries of the vibrations and the yellow light".
Le Méridional France, January 8, 1981 "A U.F.O. in Martigues?"
Le Méridional France, January 6, 1981 "The aliens came from the sea".
Le Méridional France, January 4, 1981 "U.F.O. in Martigues".
Sud Ouest France, December 28, 1980 "U.F.O. over Spain".
Sud Ouest France, December 27, 1980 "The Christmas UFOs".
L'Alsace France, November 19, 1980 "A UFO in the sky of Flaxlanden?"
L'Alsace France, November 13, 1980 "From the Sundgau to Corsica - The green ball of November 11".
Weekly World News USA, November 4, 1980 "Startling photos show the corpse of alien whose ship crashed on Earth".
Daily Boomerang USA, October 15, 1980 "Cattle mutilation investigated".
Le Méridional France, September 23, 1980 "U.F.O.: Weird lights on the Lubéron".
Sud Ouest France, August 21, 1980 "A 'gigantic' UFO in Honfleur".
Honolulu Star-Bulletin USA, August 24, 1980 "A 'Superfarmer'".
The Dispatch USA, August 13, 1980 "Cow surgically mutilated near Eatonville".
L'Alsace France, August 7, 1980 "A UFO in the sky of Flaxlanden?"
Sud Ouest France, June 26, 1980 "Antoine: A U.F.O. saved my life".
Sud Ouest France, June 6, 1980 "UFO 'abduction' equals hoax".
Albuquerque Journal USA, June 2, 1980 "Mexico loses its interest in giant-vegetable grower".
Sud Ouest France, April 22, 1980 "The UFO rendez-vous? A ballet of stars!"
Le Républicain Lorrain France, April 14, 1980 "Second ufo in Alsace".
L'Est Républicain France, April 14, 1980 "Second UFO in Alsace".
L'Est Républicain France, April 13, 1980 "Alsatian UFO: Two more witnesses".
Le Républicain Lorrain France, April 13, 1980 "Ufo over Alsace".
L'Est Républicain France, April 12, 1980 "Chased by a UFO".
Le Républicain Lorrain France, April 12, 1980 "A young Alsatian woman pursued by a ufo".
Sud Ouest France, April 4, 1980 "A UFO in Gironde".
Sud Ouest France, March 26, 1980 "The tribulations of a UFO".
Sud Ouest France, March 26, 1980 "Mysterious whistling sound (continued)".
Le Provençal France, March 25, 1980 "Weird lights on Saint-Rémy".
Sud Ouest France, March 25, 1980 "A police officer sees a U.F.O. - He was already visited by an alien".
Sud Ouest France, March 17, 1980 "A U.F.O. the size of a car!".
Sud Ouest France, March 15, 1980 "La Rochelle - Mysterious whistle: also a glimmer".
Sud Ouest France, March 14, 1980 "The mysterious hissing sound perceived by other people".
Sud Ouest France, March 13, 1980 "La Rochelle - Mysterious whistling sound".
Le Méridional France, March 10, 1980 "An assiduous UFO".
Sud Ouest France, March 10, 1980 "Did a UFO break down in Saint-Porchaire?"
Sud Ouest France, March 6,1980 "The 10:15 p.m. UFO ignores the Charentaise pause".
Sud Ouest France, March 5, 1980 "Saint-Porchaire: a U.F.O. at the cemetery!"
Sud Ouest France, February 18, 1980 "The 6:30 p.m. UFO: An interplanetery meteorite?"
Sud Ouest France, February 15, 1980 "Again and again the U.F.O. of 06:30 p.m."
Sud Ouest France, February 14, 1980 "The 06:30 p.m. U.F.O. in Castillonnès, too..."
Sud Ouest France, February 13, 1980 "The U.F.O. of 06:30p.m. is still talked about".
Le Midi Libre France, February 12, 1980 "U.F.O. a gogo".
Le Midi Libre France, February 11, 1980 "A U.F.O. in the sky of Béziers".
Sud Ouest France, February 11, 1980 "The 6:30 p.m. U.F.O".
Santa Rosa Press-Democrat USA, February 10, 1980 "Farmer's secret from outer space".
St. Louis Post-Dispatch USA, February 10, 1980 "A spaceman's green thumb".
L'Alsace France, February 7, 1980 "Three residents of Rouffach claim to have come face to face with a UFO".
Orlando Sentinel USA, February 5, 1980 "The Jolly Green Giant has met his match".
Le Méridional France, February 3, 1980 "The Abruzzes a UFO 'sanctuary'".
L'Est Républicain France, February 2, 1980 "UFO in the Haut-Rhin".
Le Républicain Lorrain France, January 18, 1980 "A ufo in the sky of Alsace".
L'Alsace France, January 17, 1980 "A UFO in the sky of Wettolsheim?"
Le Provençal France, January 14, 1980 "Italy: revelations on UFO appearances".
Le Méridional France, January 2, 1980 "New Year's 'UFO'".

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