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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Avignon, France, 1981:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 5, on September 25, 1981.

Avignon: they saw a car disappear in a cloud

The mysterious orange red ball seen by hundreds of witnesses Sunday evening (see our issues of Monday and Tuesday) does not yet stop to causing comments.

The object moved slowly in the sky of Avignon in the East-West direction, the observers stress, who are of unanimous opinion that it did was in no way a fireworks rocket.

From the flood of calls received at our agency, there is a particularly interesting testimony - and disturbing at the same time - that must be taken into account. An additional testimony to pour to the bulky file of the famous UFOs. Mrs. Guiraud and her son Jean-Pierre distinctly saw this object Sunday evening.

It was on the bridge of Europe (and they observed it during approximately 3 minutes).

Both certify that they never saw a ball of this kind, so scintillating. At the time when it disappeared, it left a white trail behind it. But it is not the first time that this Avignon resident, remaining in a HLM [state-sponsored low-rent building] of the la Rocade, is witness of an unexplained phenomenon.

Some time ago, accompanied by the driver of the car on board of which she occupied the front passenger seat, Mrs. Guiraud noted the sudden and mysterious disappearance of a 2 CV [popular cheap car] driven by a woman!

"She tells: "It occurred in the rise from Signargues on National Road 100 between Saze and Avignon, it was 07:30 p.m., in the night. All of a sudden, a kind of thick fog fell down on the road. When it dissipated, this car which circulated in front of us with lit headlights had disappeared. There was no tracks on the sides, no carpark. It quite simply volitilized! We did not say anything until now for fear of being called whimsical. But after this new weird display, we decided to speak."

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