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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Alsace, France:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Alsace, France, on April 27, 1983.


UFO sighted over Fréland
by the commanding officer of the CM 104
of Colmar

A UFO was sighted, Sunday around 10:30 p.m., above Fréland. Witnesses to the event: Lieutenant-Colonel Yves Le Naelou, commander of the mobilizing center 104 of Colmar and his wife, domiciled rue de Girogoutte.

Lieutenant-Colonel Naelou took the cool after the broadcast of the movie "747 in danger" on the first television channel when he saw a metallic object under which lights flashed and equipped with nozzles on its sides. The craft seemed to be on the other side of the valley, towards the Bonhomme pass, in the direction of Chamont, and seemed to be landing. Lieutenant-Colonel Naelou then called his wife who, with binoculars, also made the same observation.

Lieutenant-Colonel Le Naelou was heard late yesterday afternoon by the Gendarmerie Lapoutroie. Searches were made on the spot and the gendarmes are looking for other people who made similar observations on Sunday evening (they can be reached at 47.50.14.)

One of the most recent UFO sightings dates back to November 30, 1982, a young motorist of Zillisheim, 18-year-old Thierry Stehlé, claimed to have been followed by an unidentified flying object as he was crossing the Hardt Forest between Petit-Landau and Habsheim.

His story is also reminiscent of the one lived in April 1980 in the same sector by a young woman from Bollwiller, Miss Patricia Dziomba.

Robert KOCH

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