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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO report from Toulon, France, 1980:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, France, on February 29, 1980.


TOULON: U.F.O. path of the Temple?

"All these UFO stories, I didn't believe it. And then, Tuesday morning, when it was pitch black, I saw an orange ball much bigger than the sun. I am I'm sure I didn't dream. It was there, 200 meters away, towards the sunset. Now I'm sure there is something..."

And indeed, Ms. Gabrielle Gabrielli, 46 years old, residing at 8, chemin du Temple, Les Routes in Toulon, was so stunned because of what she saw that she went to the Seyne-ville gendarmerie where she works to tell her story.

It was precisely 5:20 a.m. yesterday morning, Mrs. Gabrielli opened her shutters and saw 2 or 300 meters away a dark orange luminous sphere streaked with darkness. She is hypnotized by this strange appearance. The sphere remains motionless for two to three minutes then slowly disappears behind the roofs.

She's sure it's not a reflection. Besides, at that time the sun is not up yet. And anyway, it was to the west that the big orange ball popped up.

For a moment, Mrs. Gabrielli thought about waking up her neighbor so as not to be the only witness to this phenomenon, but ultimately given the very early hour, she gave it up. She will nevertheless go as far as the gendarmerie to report this mysterious appearance.

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