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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in USSR, 1984 - 1985:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Figaro, Paris, France, on February 28, 1985.

See also this article of February 9.


On March 2, 1984, firemen of the village of Kotna (Estonia) were alerted on several occasions by an odd phenomenon: an orange luminous circle spitting sparks, went from roof to roof giving the real impression to ignite the house, then it reappeared intact at the end of some minutes later.

The Troud newspaper also reported the case of the Tupolev 134 plane which ensures the regular trafic between Rostov and Tallin (Estonia). Around 4 hours in the morning the commander sees a yellow cigar from which three white luminous rays come out, so powerful that the houses and the roads at the bottom are perfectly visible. This cigar disappears at the vertical of Minsk and transformed into a cloud of emerald color which will accompany the plane during 600 kilometers until reaching Tallin.

The Russians are very interested by all these questions which pose problem, but the authorities are divided.

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