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UFOs in the daily Press:

Encounters in Marseilles, France, 1980:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, France, on August 18, 1980.


This Saint-Maxime woman states:

"I am in contact with extra-terrestrials"

It was 7:30 p.m. and night was already covering the region. Ms. Derel-Janybell does not fear the dark.

She walks in a secluded area of Sainte-Maxime "Les Sermeaux". She walks slowly, contemplates the sky, looks at the sea. Suddenly, at the level of the water, two luminous balls cross the black of the night, at dizzying speed. Hallucination? Mrs. Mrs. Derel-Janybell wants to find out for sure. She reaches her villa and heads towards Saint-Raphaël on RN 96. At the bend at Porte des Sondreux, she stops her car. Shock, certainty takes precedence over doubt. Over there, way up there, above the sea, a UFO! It is immobilized. It was January 6, 1980.

It was the beginning of Ms. Derel-Janybell's incredible adventure. Some people believe this adventure, others will be skeptical. The last ones will say "crazy". Mrs. Derel-Janybell, a mother, and who exerts an honorable profession, is aware of the weight of her declarations, and the action that they can provoke. It doesn’t matter to her: "I saw and I’m telling it," she says

On the other hand, we can only say one thing. Ms. Derel-Janybell is known and appreciated in Saint-Maxime, where she only has friends. For not having witnessed these phenomena, we therefore leave her with full responsibility for these statements.


January 9, 1980, 3 a.m. Mrs. Derel-Janybell has recovered from her emotions of the day before. She sleeps peacefully. Suddenly, a voice echoes in her head. "On the night of August 14 to 15, you must go down to Marseille, Bellons hill (municipality of Alauch) you will see UFO manifestations, don't come alone."

Mrs. Derel-Janybell says: "At first I thought it was a nightmare. I woke up, and I couldn't sleep again. Throughout the day, these three sentences bothered me.

In the evening, finally, I was able to ease my mind. I found sleep. But again at 3 o'clock the voice came again. It pronounced the same words of January 9 in the same intonation. As of August 13, it will be the same every morning, always at 3 o'clock, always the same sentences! Always the same invitation.

Discomfort, symptoms of weakness, I thought I was going crazy for seven months. Mrs. Derel-Janybell confided in her friends during this period.

We will go with you to the hill to see.

It was the only remedy to reassure Mrs. Derel-Janybell.

On the night of August 14 to 15, there will be four of them to accompany her. Ms. Fouet, from Marseille, Miss Rose-Marie de Benedetto, from Marseille, Mr. Raymond Quirin, from Marseille, and Mr. Gaillard, from Hyères.


Mrs. Derel-Janybell did not miss the meeting, nor did her companions.

We arrived at 3 o'clock sharp, on the hill. Perched on a rock, we observe the sky, equipped with an electric torch I make signals.

4:10 a.m., a ball of light appears in the direction of my flashlight beam. This ball continues to grow and grow, becoming enormous. It gives off silver rays which do not dazzle, between its rays red, yellow and blue lines. In the center of this ball, I see an amazing little red star!

The craft is moving towards us now. Rose-Marie de Benedetto, struck by fear, begins to scream, at the same time the moving ball stops. The brightness dims: "come back, come back!"

We invite the UFO to take its place again. Rose-Marie calms down, the ball reappears. Robert (Mr. Gaillard) grabs his pair of binoculars, each time he uses them to observe the craft, it disappears.

We can watch and admire this phenomenon until 7 o'clock. Surprisingly, Mrs. Fouet, who repeatedly declared "what a beautiful star, as beautiful as that of Bethlehem", the ball described a cross in the sky from top to bottom, then from left to right.

All our thoughts were captured by the craft."


In the afternoon at the Plan-de-Cuques gendarmerie brigade, a gendarme will record the testimony of the five witnesses to the phenomenon. Mrs. Derel-Janybell thought, "my adventure is over." I believed it. And yet! In the early evening of August 15 the voice was back. It asked me to return to the Bellons hills at 3 a.m. My alarm did not go off. I woke up anyway. But I was too tired, too exhausted. I tried to go back to sleep.

Immediately my eyelids closed.

On the morning of August 16, going down to the cellar, I found the ladder usually placed against the wall balanced in the center of the room. I called several witnesses who observed it."

An incredible adventure, as we have already said, of which we leave you alone to judge.

UFO phenomena, either we believe in them, or we don't believe in them.


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