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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs and meteors in France, 1980:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, page 1 de la section régionale, le 12 février 1980.

U.F.O. a gogo

We announced in our last issue that two residents of Béziers, Mr. Hervé Delpuech, aged 42, and his sister Evelyne saw Friday, towards 06:20 p.m., a luminous apparatus moving in the sky of Béziers.

This same appearance was also observed in Saint-Georges-d'Orques.

But these witnesses were not alone: exactly at the same hour, a sharp gleam was observed in the sky of the department of the Gard and an unidentified flying object was seen by two people in the west of Aix-en-Provence.

According to the gendarmes of the area of the Gard who were advised by phone calls, no witness of these phenomena was able to provide the least explanation.

In Aix-en-Provence - a hundred kilometers more in the east - Mr. Troump, for his part, indicated to have seen "above the setting sun, a metallic object white below and greenish above, which moved at high speed towards the north, leaving an orange trail."

Another resident of Aix, Mr. Paul Brun, printer, for its part noticed at the same time "an oval ball, leaving a trail of green, white and pink flames." "For a long time," he added, "I had wished to see a U.F.O., I and delighted, now I am convinced of the existence of paranormal phenomena."

After the Hérault, the Gard, the Rhone delta, the Aude, there, it was a resident of Malviès, close to Limoux and a resident of Carcassonne, Mr. Bartoul, who brought their tesimonys.

The first saw, Friday at the end of the evening, a ball of fire preceding a long luminous trail. It is approximately what the second witness saw, this same Friday, at 06:20 p.m. (again) at the vertical of the Heran private clinic, at the exit of Carcassonne. Mr. Bastoul claims that it was a luminous and silent object moving in the direction S.-north East. "A blue ball," he specifies, "followed by a long orange luminous trail releasing sparks, it seems."

Other testimony in Villeneuve-the-Maguelonne, in the Hérault where a newappearance, but this time Saturday at 14. 30, could be observed.

Lastly, in Montpellier, again on Saturday, but at approximately 09:45 p.m., a young woman observed during 30 or 40 seconds, two luminous spheres which seemed to "fall" at reduced speed.

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