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UFOs in the daily Press:

Reentry, Europe, 1986:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 20, le 24 septembre 1986.


UFOs are in Paris...

Yesterday morning in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, the passers-by who stood up early managed to see curious unidentified luminous objects. Remains of old satellites or authentic extraterrestrials?

Tuesday morning. A quickly swallowed breakfast, on the way to the Parisian office, center of Paris, Le Chatelet. And then an idle glance flies away towards the misty sky before toying with a garland of lights. But what are these "green with blue emerald" fireflies doing in this corner of blue sky.

Around 7 hours 30 of the morning (5:30 gmt), yesterday, hundreds of Europeans saw, like Jean-Luc Durant and Suzanne Blangis in Paris, "ten to fifteen luminous points", or a "ball of fire", as in the Netherlands, or a "luminous rocket" in Belgium.

Unidentified flying object (UFO), the luminous formation remained mysterious after consultation of the observatories, and the people in charge of the control of the airspace of the crossed countries. On the side of civilian and military aviation, no clue, radar sets had remained blind and in Paris, no overflight in formation of the city had been scheduled.

A VERY HIGH OBJECT ESCAPING RADAR SETS - And then an object simultaneously seen in Amsterdam and Paris, if it were the same one, was to be quite high, above the zone swept by the radar sets designed for planes: between 80 and 120 km according to a specialist in the National Center of Space Studies (CNES).

"Superb" according to certain testimonys, followed of "green flames" or "a silvery wakes and moving from the North-East towards the South-West" according to the most precise testimony, the luminous procession, flying "at the speed of a plane at the time of an air show", keeps its mystery.

The first clue came from space. Among the 6.000 various objects that orbit in the suburbs of the Earth, from the bolt to the whole pieces of rockets, the majority indeed end up falling down one day or another. According to forecasts of NORAD, the military organization that supervises the north of the American continent and the objects in terrestrial orbit, the dates and the trajectories of fall of two remains of Soviet rockets could be a match.

Dislocated by the launching, the remainders of the rockets that had been used in last June and March to put satellites on orbit could be at the origin of this morning's fireworks. Their faill was scheduled towards September 10th and 13th, but with several days of uncertainty.

THE RETURN OF THE OLD DEBRIS. - Put on erratic orbits after launching, remains of launchings, or the old satellites, slow down little by little in their race and return in the atmosphere at high speeds, where they disintegrate and are consumed in the manner of meteorites.

"Such falls of objects take place almost every day throughout the world, and one or twice a year in France, and pieces up to a few hundreds grams can arrive at the ground, explained Mr. Jean-Jacques Velasco yesterday, of the GEPAN, the group of study of the unidentified aerospace phenomena at the CNES of Toulouse.

For this specialist in the investigation of UFO, used to the divergences of testimonys and the whimsical accounts, the first elements of observation of this Tuesday, and coincidence with the forecasts of re-entry by the NORAD provide for the thesis of space junk fall.

At the association of study on the flying saucers (AESV) of Aix-en-Provence, one puts forth the same assumption: "the fact that nothing was seen on the French radar sets and the small size of the luminous phenomenon militate for the fall of an artificial satellite, estimates Mr. Perry Petrakys, one of the organizers of this association.

In the future the French specialists should more quickly be fixed on the origins of such phenomena: CNES currently sets up a group that will be missioned to more closely follow the forecasts of re-entry of the satellites in the atmosphere. Will the Martians lose their colors?

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